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03 October 2022, 13:33

Lukashenko urges mobilization in agriculture

MINSK, 3 October (BelTA) – It is necessary to complete agricultural works in time. To this end, students can join the effort and help agricultural workers, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he announced the appointment of new heads of district executive committees, BelTA has learned.

“You are experienced people with a lot of expertise, you know what you will need to do. To be frank, in your new role you will have to focus on agriculture,” the head of state said. He emphasized that this year there were very favorable conditions for the export of food products: “An immense market has opened up for agriculture and enterprises. We can sell everything in Russia and China.” Moreover, these countries are ready to buy twice as many Belarusian products - such forecasts were voiced by Deputy Prime Minister Leonid Zayats who oversees the agricultural industry. “He says we can double the output, and we will sell it all at good prices. In other words, the market is open and prices are good. Therefore, we do not expect any problems in agriculture at all,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stated.

“Therefore, excuses citing the sanctions, mobilization, war, or something else are not accepted. Forget about it. You must take care of your area, your people,” the Belarusian leader stressed. The president urged local authorities to complete winter sowing in time and then prepare for the spring sowing.

He urged to complete harvesting in an orderly and timely manner, in particular, the harvesting of potatoes, sugar beets, corn for grain, and flax.

“Mobilize everyone,” the head of state demanded. He emphasized that this applies not only to employees of agricultural enterprises. If necessary, students should also be involved in the effort, Aleksandr Lukashenko is convinced. As the president is informed, some educational institutions do not allow involving schoolchildren in such types of work: “I can't imagine anything more ridiculous. We are trying to bring up our schoolchildren in the right way. How are you going to do it? Mere talk is not the way to do it,” the president said.

The head of state stressed that the experience of previous generations, when teenagers and young people helped agricultural enterprises with harvesting, was positive, it contributed to team building and taught young people to work hard. Moreover, there are entrepreneurs who are ready to pay good money for the help, the head of state noted. “Working 5-6 hours a day will keep children in good shape and make parents happy. We all, you and I did that. We didn't just work, but worked hard, toiled. Therefore, you should mobilize students, workers, civil servants, other people to help agricultural workers with harvesting. In fact, we can earn really good money. If not now, then in the spring,” the president said.

In this regard, Aleksandr Lukashenko recalled that it is necessary to put enough products in stabilization funds so that domestic vegetables will last until the next harvest and prices for potatoes, beets, carrots and other vegetables will not grow exponentially. “As far as imported goods are concerned, we will sort out the prices for them. The main thing is to keep prices for our own products in check,” the president said.

“There is still a lot to do this year. I will ask you to contribute to this effort very seriously and help complete agricultural works well and timely,” the head of state added.

In addition to giving some general tasks for the local power vertical, the president also addressed the heads of individual district executive committees in person. He asked them about the state of affairs in their respective districts, performance of local agricultural enterprises, as well as efforts to develop arable land taking into land redistribution between enterprises.

For example, Aleksandr Lukashenko asked Valery Khelsky, the new chairman of the Grodno District Executive Committee, about the progress with harvesting: “Have you had the harvesting done, including the harvesting of beets and corn for grain?” the president asked.

“We are harvesting beets, 40% of the land under this crop has been cleared in the district. We are also busy harvesting corn for grain,” Valery Khelsky responded.

The president asked Aleksandr Studnev, who was appointed Chairman of the Mogilev City Executive Committee: “Can you handle it?”

“Absolutely, Comrade President,” the new Mogilev mayor replied immediately.

“Look, the pressure on you will be immense. I don't want to criticize the former mayor, he worked there for a long time ... We have huge expectations from you. It took us a long time to choose the person for this role and we handpicked you.

Although a lot has been done in Mogilev lately, we need to step up the effort, to catch up with other cities, like Gomel, Vitebsk. Mogilev is a little behind in this respect. Therefore, kick yourself into high gear and get the ball rolling, be an example for your team” the president said.

While appointing Andrei Kozhemyakin as head of Slavgorod District, Aleksandr Lukashenko admitted that working in this district is no picnic. In this regard, the president asked to check the progress to implement the development program for the southeast regions of Mogilev Oblast.

“You got an interesting district,” the head of state said addressing the new Chair of the Belynichi District Executive Committee Olga Pristromskaya. “Yet, unfortunately, there are a lot of problems there, especially in agriculture, there is a lot of abandoned land there. Therefore, I will ask you to pay serious attention to this,” the president noted.

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