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07 May 2024, 17:40

Lukashenko urges foreign nations to stop mad politicians

MINSK, 7 May (BelTA) – During a solemn meeting held in Minsk on 7 May on the occasion of Victory Day Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko addressed nations of CIS and non-CIS states, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed out that politicians of some countries consider themselves masters of this world now. Blatant and unceremonious interference in affairs of sovereign states has become an ordinary routine for them.

“Declaring a disagreeable country a zone of your interests or a threat to national security will suffice. Carpet bombings and the overthrow of the ‘undemocratic regime’ will follow shortly after that,” the president remarked. “It is the reason why hotbeds of tension keep popping up in various parts of the planet and destroy countries and entire regions. There is a huge number of examples. We have come to a point when no state feels protected against external aggression.”

According to the head of state, the destruction of fundamental basics of strategic stability and international security institutions by countries of the collective West contributes to that.

“Their leaders are trying to distract the population of their states from accumulated domestic problems. Total Russophobia has become a popular political trend among the ruling European elites and their overlords across the ocean. They hurry up to create a scary image of the external enemy in the east that is allegedly ready to roll out tanks and attack Berlin. Under the guise of myths about democracy and human rights Western leaders are forcing the cancel culture upon states. They filter nations with pressure and blackmail, riots and proxy wars. They raise a generation that embraces hate as their lifestyle,” Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed out.

The expansion of military blocs and unions to the detriment of security of other countries and the unprecedented buildup of NATO’s potential in the Eastern Europe region further inflate tensions. “All of it is already at the western and southern borders of Belarus,” the president stressed.

“From individual figures we hear talk about wars and nuclear strikes. But the scariest thing is that the West does not see World War Three as something remote. WW3 is presented as a routine thing that may actually happen. But it is unlikely that ordinary people both here and in Europe and in other regions of the planet want that. This is why today on behalf of the peace-loving Belarusian nation I would like to once again address nations of CIS and non-CIS states (the situation forces me to do it): we have to stop those mad politicians. We shouldn’t give them a chance to turn all the living things on the planet to ashes,” the Belarusian leader said.
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