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04 April 2024, 13:09

Lukashenko to officials: We should protect sovereign Belarus with our work, blood, and lives

MINSK, 4 April (BelTA) – Civil servants and executives should do productive and complicated work in the interests of the country. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko mentioned it as he made a number of personnel decisions on 4 April, BelTA has learned.

The head of state remarked that he regularly reads analytical materials about publications in mass media, external intelligence reports, and reports of security agencies.

“Men, everything has been concentrated in order to find a way to topple us. Whatever relations you and I may have (I have berated you, fired you, and the rest), you have to be statesmen. Neither you nor I personally mean anything in comparison to what sovereign and independent Belarus means for us. We have to protect it. With our work, blood, and then with our lives. Certainly, god forbid, all of us want to live. And in order not to die, not to perish, we just have to work, we need economy. I emphasize it one more time: we have everything, we have plenty to have a normal economy. But it is necessary to work honestly,” the Belarusian leader stated.

Addressing those present, the president said they should get their minds ready for very serious and heavy work right now. “We have everything in order to work today. Like never before despite complications. We lack only one thing: discipline. But we know how to do it. We definitely know how to ensure discipline,” the head of state stressed. “Order tramples class. If we have discipline and order, they will compensate for some shortcomings in other areas.”

In order to achieve results, executives on the ground have to take all the necessary measures and tap into all the available resources as much as possible. “I often publicly say: do what you want and the way you deem it necessary. Naturally, there are laws and rules. They have been in our blood for a long time. But if you need results, you have to walk the path, shoulder to shoulder with this law and make the decision,” Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed out.

Especially since conditions are most favorable for the effective development of agriculture and the manufacturing sector in Belarus. “God gives us everything for now. Particularly to the people, who want to work the land. And in the manufacturing sector as well,” the president said.

For instance, Belarusian foods enjoy a very high demand on the markets of Russia and China and in other countries. “We had excessive stock of butter and milk powder in storage. Today I asked the deputy prime minister, who oversees these matters. He told me they could use more of those. Today the warehouses are empty. And we earned more foreign currency than we did last year. No problems,” the head of state said.

Speaking about the manufacturing sector, he noted it had encountered restrictions and sanctions but then the huge Russian market had become available. There were complications with selling industrial goods in Russia in the past. At present a number of Belarusian goods enjoy a significant demand and Russia itself has spoken in favor of buying more of certain goods. “The Russian market will suffice for us. Is ours a giant economy? No. We are in demand in every sector. But as I say, we have to work hard. Competition is not going away,” the president noted. However, for instance, Belarusian products offer more value for money in comparison with Chinese goods. “We have to exploit it,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

At the same time the president encouraged the officials and executives to improve the quality of aftersales service and the organization of major centers where all the major Belarusian brands will be represented: “It is necessary to set up multimodal service centers that will offer everything: Gomselmash, MTZ, and other products. Gigantic enterprises. State-run enterprises. What do we have to divide? Why should we build separate trading houses? Let’s concentrate them under one roof. Let’s determine in what Russian regions we will work. Then we will fear no competition. Moreover, we will be able to solve any problems considering the diplomatic relations that we have, personal relations between the heads, between the governments and the presidents.”

“This is why despite all the complications today is the right time for normal development of our state,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.

The head of state warned the new heads of municipal government agencies that they will have to work in complicated times and their jobs may not be as convenient and as interesting as their previous ones: “No job is more interesting than the job of the head of an agricultural enterprise. I have never had a more interesting job than that in my life. On the one hand, things are a bit more complicated for you than back in my day. On the other hand, they are more interesting. Everything depends on you. If you earn it, feel free to spend money. And we are not going to abandon agrarians either. It is the most interesting kind of work. And don’t think that you will get a more interesting job. Times are complicated and you have agreed to undertake the corresponding areas of responsibility.”
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