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07 November 2022, 16:00

Lukashenko to journalists: You are at the forefront today

MINSK, 7 November (BelTA) – In the context of the ongoing information war journalists are now at the forefront, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said during an informal conversation with top executives and workers of media outlets during the maiden edition of the wood chopping challenge among journalists, BelTA has learned.

The president was asked what to do and how to act so that Belarus should remain a kind of enclave and an example of a socially-oriented state.

"We can talk a lot about it. When talking with people, I always say: do your job. That's the most important thing. So that we never face again what happened in 2020," the head of state said.

He stressed that now it is journalists who are at the forefront: "The main thing in this confrontation is information warfare, information confrontation. So the main thing is you now."


According to Aleksandr Lukashenko there is no hot war now, of course, but still a lot depends on journalists. “You are on the front line. I am with you,” the president said.

“You do not have to be afraid of anyone. If they [opponents] start attacking you, it means you have hit their nerve. If they start referring to you, saying something, that is fine, let them do this. Their trend is: “Look, we do not set the agenda, we wait to see what Lukashenko's supporters say and then turn it topsy-turvy. Well, that is true. They cannot shape the agenda. How can they do it? That is why they have started calling for shelling... They are crazy. Thanks God they are not politicians. You cannot say such things, even if you want it in your craziest dreams,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

“Who in Belarus would follow them today? They have already let themselves drop below the ground level. You cannot do such things. Thank God they are like that. I always say that our opposition should be cherished and nurtured. Let them be like that in the future,” the head of state said jokingly.

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