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05 March 2024, 13:33

Lukashenko to extend family capital program

MINSK, 5 March (BelTA) – The family capital program, which is supposed to end this year, will be extended. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko mentioned it while talking to activists of the Belarusian Women’s Union, BelTA has learned.

A representative of Stolin District, which is home to over 2,200 large families and 835 women, who have been awarded an Order of Mother, asked the president about the possibility of extending the family capital program. In her words, the program has demonstrated its effectiveness and is in demand.

The president remarked that there were about 63,000 large families in Belarus when the family capital program was launched. At present the number of large families exceeds 120,000.

The head of state said: “See for yourselves. We are addressing a most important matter. There is no matter that is more important than increasing our population. We have problems with that. I often say that our Belarus with our hardworking people and resources is capable of feeding 15 million or even 20 million considering our geopolitical location.”

“It is extremely important for us to reverse this trend in favor of more births,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed. He added that there is no doubt that one child per family is not enough. Having two kids is preferable. Three would be even better.

“A large family has three or more [kids]. We have to do everything for them,” the president stated. He pointed out that one of the most topical problems for large families is having to spend a long time on the housing register and this problem has been virtually resolved.

“We’ve solved the problem,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “A large family and housing are the key things. If there is a house, then there is a family and the rest.” The problem of providing housing to the military is being solved in the same manner. The president assured that the problem will be solved within the next few years. “However difficult it may be, we have to solve the problem of housing for the military. We will fix the problem within two years. I’ve promised it to the military,” the head of state said.

“I will make the decision in favor of extending this family capital [program] with pleasure. The only thing is to make sure that this money reaches the right people,” the head of state said. He emphasized that it is necessary to make sure that aid is spent on specific individuals, on needs of kids. Aleksandr Lukashenko recalled his past when he had to help kids of negligent parents by providing them with clothes and food.

This is why the head of state suggested the Belarusian Women’s Union should join efforts to resolve issues of this kind because they know the situation on the ground well and there are many indifferent women, who are ready to provide aid. “Take this task and act. It is necessary to protect our kids,” he said.

“We will do it, Mr. President. We will definitely undertake it and will fulfill this task. Because who will do it if we, women won’t?” said Chairwoman of the Belarusian Women’s Union Olga Shpilevskaya.

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