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07 May 2021, 13:08

Lukashenko: The state will continue supporting war veterans

MINSK, 7 May (BelTA) - The state will continue supporting war veterans, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko told journalists on 7 may, BelTA has learned.

The day before some media outlets began to spread information alleging that the state refused to make payments to veterans ahead of Victory Day. Journalists asked Aleksandr Lukashenko to comment on this information. The president stressed that the state has supported veterans and will continue doing so. “A few of them are alive. They are our moral compass, our rock. As long as they are alive, they will be our bedrock to preserve our state," Alexander Lukashenko said.

“We pay them monthly benefits. It is not true that we do not pay lump-sum payments: we pay three payments monthly and we also pay lump-sum payments. We have allocated considerable funds to support the participants of the war, Leningrad siege survivors, the workers of the rear and others: all in all about Br65 million. We will definitely pay these one-time payments to the participants of the war," the head of state assured.

In his opinion, the opposition is beginning to spread such news because it cannot formulate its agenda and tries to use any opportunity to discredit the government, sometimes using the smallest thing. They even started campaigning to raise money for veterans. "Is this a new promise after all those they gave at the end of last year? They promised a lot: to protesters, strikers, protest participants. They have not delivered on any of their promises. They will not deliver now either," the president said. He also noted that the opposition representatives went abroad with only one goal in mind: to intercept there financial flows directed to Belarus to support the protests. The Belarusian opposition abroad is supported with the money of Western taxpayers and funds set up to destroy competitors.

"There is no need to raise money for our veterans. They will not take money from them: it's bloody money. These people, who walk with flags of traitors and collaborators, are not friends to our veterans.,” the president noted.

How does the state support war veterans?

More than Br6 million will be earmarked for social services to Great Patriotic War veterans and war-affected citizens in 2021.

Every year, the country conducts a survey of the living conditions of this category of citizens. This year, 852 people submitted applications (for repair of living quarters, furnaces, electrical wiring, gas equipment, washing of windows, provision with stove fuel, chopping of wood, cleaning house yards, help in allotment gardens). All applications were satisfied by 1 May. The 2021 budget has set aside more than Br1 million for these purposes.

Social home services are used by 647 veterans and 1,400 citizens affected by the war. By resolution of the local executive and administrative bodies, all veterans of the Great Patriotic War are exempt from the payment for social home services. In addition, 711 citizens are cared for individually by family members who receive a monthly subsistence allowance (Br273).

Some 132 veterans and war-affected citizens living in residential homes receive round-the-clock social and medical care.

All in all, expenses on social services for war veterans and war-affected citizens amounts to Br5 million per year.

Other social benefits for veterans include free prescription medicines; free dental services in state healthcare facilities at the place or residence; free provision of social rehabilitation means; free treatment or recuperation in health resorts.

Veterans are also entitled to free travel on public transport and commuter railway, water and automobile transport; a free intercity rail ticket once a year, or a 50% discount on a ticket for a regular intercity ravel by water, air, or automobile passenger transport once a year.

Veterans also get a 50% discount on payments for utilities: maintenance works, use of residential premises, maintenance of elevators, housing services, and landline phone.

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