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09 July 2020, 18:41

Lukashenko talks about unprecedented pressure on Belarus

Aleksandr Lukashenko
Aleksandr Lukashenko

MINSK, 9 July (BelTA) – The current pressure is unprecedented. Belarus has never felt such pressure in the entire period of independence. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement as he met with representatives of the largest mass media on 9 July, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “I have to admit that Belarus has never felt such pressure in the entire period of independent development. Everything is tangled into one knot.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko said he had already counted about five pandemics. Those are not only the medical pandemic, but for instance a hydrocarbon pandemic in late 2019 – early 2020, an economic “pandemic” and its consequences, an information pandemic. All of them are entangled and have affected political events in Belarus among other things.

The president also spoke in favor of developing the country on the basis of current accomplishments instead of radical reforms. “In the mid-1990s we stepped away from what we are being offered today. We are even being offered to return to 1994 (which is very odd) and adopt the Constitution we had back then,” he said. “But we should never go back to the mid-1990s and embrace the Constitution we rejected. The Constitution is the main piece of legislation. It is a document that outlines directions of development of a country. This is why if we talk about reforms, we should primarily specify them via the Constitution and flesh them out via laws.”

As an example Aleksandr Lukashenko also talked about proposals of those in favor of market reforms, in favor of a massive decrease in the number of people employed by some enterprises in order to create a workforce reserve for the IT industry. “I read up on it the day before I visited MTZ. So, here I am, standing in front of the people, looking at their big hands and thinking: oh my god, he has been tightening nuts all his life, fiddling with transmission or the engine, but tomorrow he will be sacked at the age of 50-60 to become ‘a reserve for the IT industry',” the head of state noted.

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