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11 March 2024, 15:23

Lukashenko sets tasks for local authorities

MINSK, 11 March (BelTA) - More responsibility and initiative are needed from each person, especially in terms of landscaping and cleanup activities, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he made new appointments on 11 March, BelTA has learned.

As BelTA reported earlier, the head of state approved new appointments in the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee and two district executive committees. Vasily Sysoyev was appointed Minsk Oblast First Governor, who headed the Agriculture and Food Committee of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee before. The Bereza District Executive Committee will be headed by Andrei Sokolovsky, who served as deputy head before. The Korelichi District Executive Committee will be led by Andrei Gordei, who previously worked as First Deputy Chairman - Head of the Agriculture and Food Department of the Orsha District Executive Committee.

“I want to warn everyone that it is not going to be an easy year. Nor is next year,” the head of state emphasized. The president said that many issues of people’s concern are covered on television, in the media and on the internet. “Our people sometimes demand from the authorities what the authorities should not do,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. The head of state urged the officials to explain to people how difficult times are today and why the contribution of each person is important, especially in terms of landscaping and cleanup. “It is not just about sanctions, although this also matters. We are being pressured from all the sides, and this pressure is huge. The fact that our people have not felt it is the merit of the authorities,” the president said. “ People need to be told and explained that they have to do what they must do. No one will do it for them.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko cited an example of Minsk, whose residents often complain about the inadequate quality of maintenance of courtyards, roads and so on. “We understand that these issues should be addressed. But we should also understand [the other side of it]: in order to landscape all the courtyards in Minsk (which we have already been doing, and of course, we cannot leave them like that), we will have to deprive some village from budgetary funds. Any money always comes in handy. This should be explained, and first of all here in Minsk,” the president noted. “If they want to do it quickly in Minsk, it is only a matter of money.”

“Let us do it together: people invest some 2% in the landscaping of their courtyards, and the state gives the rest, 98%,” the president said.

The head of state stressed that the local authorities should organize people, create conditions and opportunities for them to participate in the landscaping of the areas where they live. “We need to supply courtyards with concrete and reinforcement bars. They will put re-bars and concrete in their courtyards. This work should be organized, Aleksandr Lukashenko said. According to him, local authorities, including district executive committees, district road maintenance departments, should be involved in this work. “Make them work and perform maintenance works regularly, not just once in May,” the president addressed the local authorities. “Necessary funds are allocated, but they do not perform their works.”  

“We need to organize people. The Year of Quality starts from everyone’s courtyard,” the head of state emphasized.

One of the president's demands was about landscaping works along the roads - to plant trees as hedge instead of erecting expensive fences. Aleksandr Lukashenko made a special emphasis on the situation in Minsk Oblast, which lags behind other regions in this respect: “Tell [Minsk Oblast Governor Aleksandr] Turchin my major demand to fulfill my instruction about planting spruce trees along the roads.” Such a method of landscaping the area along the roads is economically viable, as it saves money on mechanical treatment.

“Please take up the cleanup task very seriously. Teach, demand that people take care of their land plots. If they do not understand and do not maintain the plot, it means that this plot should be handed over to someone else. These matters deserve close attention. Land plots, homestead plots and other plots should not stay idle. There should be no weeds there. A village should look like a village, even if one three persons live there,” the president said.

“Everything should be put in order,” the head of state said. “This is the task for the chairperson of the district executive committee. The chairperson of the oblast executive committee supervises these matters. Otherwise, we will not do a thing this year. I am saying this so you realize that it is not going to be easy. The demands will only multiply.”

The president considers the relaxed atmosphere among officials to be a dangerous drawback of the current situation: “The most dangerous thing is that we have relaxed. If the authorities feel relaxed, their days are numbered. Therefore I want to give you a boost and make you fulfill your duties.”

As for the repair of roads, the head of state set a task to put things in order by 9 May and restore the roadbed where necessary. "You have March-April, and by 9 May all roads should be restored. This is also the task of the government. Tell the prime minister personally, let him start working together with the deputy prime minister," said Aleksandr Lukashenko. He paid special attention to the quality of work in the restoration and repair of roads, and it is imperative to demand from the performers. "There should be a result. Pay attention to it. And organize people. People do not want to do something themselves in the yard - well, wait. Someday in a year or two or three we will come and do it. If they want to do it, help people," the president said.

Road repair operations must be over by 9 May, the president said. “You have March-April. Road repair operations must be over by 9 May. This is the task of the government. Convey this message to the prime minister personally. Together with the deputy prime minister he should start dealing with the issue,” the head of state said. Aleksandr Lukashenko drew special attention to the quality of  road repair and maintenance works. It is imperative that road organizations should be held responsible for this: “There must be a result. Keep this issue under control. Get this work going. Get people organized. If people do not want to do anything in their courtyards themselves, then let them wait. In a year or two we will come and do what needs to be done. If people want to act, then help them,” the president said.
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