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27 January 2020, 12:30

Lukashenko, Senko discuss performance of customs bodies in 2019

MINSK, 27 January (BelTA) – Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko received a report of Chairman of the State Customs Committee Yuri Senko on 27 January, BelTA informs.

Yuri Senko informed the president about the performance of customs bodies in 2019. Aleksandr Lukashenko asked to focus on The formation of budget revenues and the fulfillment of forecast targets.

“The second issue is the formation of budget revenues and the fulfillment of my instructions at the end of the previous year. Your agency and the government (Prime Minister Rumas directly) received instructions concerning additional budget revenues. Please tell me about the progress of your agency in this field,” the president said.

He remarked that the operation is customs bodies will be addressed in detail very soon during the report of the government on the performance of the economy in 2019. “If there are any topical issues depending on my decisions, please tell me,” the head of state added.

“Forecast targets of the Finance Ministry regarding budget revenues from customs payments were fulfilled by 100.5%,” Yuri Senko said.

In 2019, 111 million tonnes of goods was transported through the Belarusian border. This figure decreased by 3.2 million tonnes from the amount of 2018 primarily because of the smaller railway transit of coal from Russia. The overall transit volume to the territory of the EAEU through Belarus went up by 5.4% to 17.5 million tonnes, including 11.4 million of goods delivered to Russia. The number of freight transport moved through the Belarusian border also increased by 5.1% to 2.3 million vehicles. It means that the work load on border checkpoints has increased.

In 2019, the inflow of payments controlled by the State Customs Committee to the national budget exceeded Br9 billion. This amount fell by almost Br400 million (4.2%) from 2018.This decrease can be attributed to smaller oil industry production and the fact that export customs duties on oil products shrank (by 33.2%).

Losses were partially recuperated after the introduction of new regulations concerning the import of cars by individuals. Families with many children and people with disabilities imported about 14,000 transport vehicles to Belarus under Decree No. 140 “On the repayment of customs duties and taxes”. More than Br82.5 million came to the national budget. As of today, the ratio of cars imported by individuals from Russia and third countries is 40% and 60% respectively (previously it was 80% and 20%).

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