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28 January 2022, 13:47

Lukashenko sees multistage, coordinated technology behind preparations for 2020 uprising

MINSK, 28 January (BelTA) – Preparations for the uprising in 2020 represented a multistage and coordinated technology. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement in his address to the nation and the parliament on 28 January, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “Preparations for the uprising in 2020 were organized way better taking into account previous failures. We unambiguously view those events as a multistage and coordinated technology.”

The technology was realized in several directions simultaneously. “First, ideological expansion. The West tried to enforce the so-called democratic values upon our people via various education programs and seminars. It promised the paradise of common Europe to Belarus. Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its personnel, the government, and even I underestimated it. We thought it will not affect us,” the president noted. “Second, financing. We know precisely already that over $6 billion has been invested in Belarus' destruction. They really wanted to get rid of us once and for all. Third, infrastructure. A network of sleeper cells made up of so-called non-governmental organizations, individual mass media, Telegram channels, and bloggers was created all over the country. Thousands of such antigovernment bodies sprouted up in conditions of dictatorship as they like to call us over there. All of these alleged ecologists, human rights activists, and pseudo-reporters tried to destroy the state. Frankly speaking, we didn't pay sufficient attention to this process either. When I was formulating tasks, honestly speaking, I felt it and saw it. They were not always realized. And I didn't have time to control the fulfillment of my instructions. Because I was involved too deeply in matters of economy, production sector, agriculture, financial system. You understand and saw what was going on back then.”

The president stressed that these people, who were trying to destroy the state, had no jobs and knew nothing about the life of working Belarusians. However, they lived quite a good life at the expense of Western funds.

The Belarusian leader noted: “Right before the presidential election they resorted to soft political pressure. Remember how many visitors of all kinds came to Belarus frequently before the election. They assured us of help and friendship. The USA even promised to give us all the oil we need when we had a conflict with the Russian Federation if you remember. All of it under the plausible excuse of keeping Belarus independent. They tried to set the two brotherly nations at odds with each other on the eve of the election. Those 33 warriors [of the Wagner foreign private military company], who they say are already covered by a study conducted in the West, in Ukraine. It turns out it was a provocation of the West, of the USA designed to finally set the Belarusian president at odds with Russia at the moment of the presidential election. We will get to the bottom of it when time comes.”

Failing to achieve its goals, the West went back on all the previous arrangements, signed agreements, and multiple promises. “They resorted to information manipulations, appeals for violence, the training of militants and terrorists, the smuggling of weapons and ammunition. Weapons and ammunition continue to be smuggled. And finally they resorted to the organization of totally not peaceful protests in August 2020, which in the long run evolved into criminal forms of the extremely radical variety. They still continue. But fortunately Belarusians have demonstrated political wisdom and far-sightedness by making their choice for centuries just like they did in the most difficult times,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stated.

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