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26 January 2024, 12:13

Lukashenko presents doctor certificates, professor certificates to Belarusian scientists, pedagogues

MINSK, 26 January (BelTA) – Ahead of Belarusian Science Day Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko presented certificates of doctor of sciences and professor certificates to scientists and pedagogues. The solemn ceremony took place in the Palace of Independence, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that the work of scientists and its results play a major role in shaping the future of the state. “We cannot allow works of our scientists to be shelved or to accumulate dust in libraries. These works are already in demand in manufacturing enterprises, healthcare institutions, and classrooms,” he said.

“Stay on the edge of scientific inquiry, develop the national scientific schools. Create the future of native Belarus,” the Belarusian leader said.

The head of state presented certificates of doctors of sciences to 12 scientists. Doctor of Political Science Svetlana Aleinikova is one of them. She received her academic degree for developing the theoretical foundation for national political marketing.

Anna Bondarenko received her Doctor of Engineering Science degree for scientific substantiation and development of the technological framework for forming nanostructures of copper, silver, and gold on porous silicon and alternative support structures. The achievement expanded the ability to use coatings made of these metals and synthesize new functional materials for electronics and photonics on their basis.

Yelena Grigorenko received her Doctor of Medicine degree for developing methods of personalized evaluation of the risk of developing adverse cardiovascular events in the remote postoperative period in liver transplant recipients as well as for introducing effective methods of medical preventive care into practice.

Vyacheslav Danilovich was awarded a Doctor of Historical Sciences degree for developing a new direction in historiography by comprehensively studying the role and place of young people in the socio-political, social-economic and cultural life of Soviet Belarus in 1921-1939.

Nikolai Kalanda received a Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences degree for ascertaining fundamental regularities of changes in the crystal structure, magnetic state and electrotransport properties of metal-oxide superconducting compounds and magnetic compounds as well as composites based on them depending on synthesis conditions.

Irina Mineyeva was awarded the Doctor of Chemistry degree for developing new methods of fine organic synthesis of a range of bioactive natural compounds and their fragments. Among other applications the achievement looks promising for creating new medications and solutions for protecting forest plantations.

A Doctor of Engineering Science certificate was awarded to Oleg Ostrikov for new results in the field of modeling and calculation of stress-strain state of solid bodies in the presence of residual mechanical twins. They have to be taken into account for the sake of improving the accuracy of predicting fracture nucleation in various grades of steel, bronze, brass, titanium and alloys based on it that are widely used in mechanical engineering and instrument-making industry.

Olga Svetlitskaya, Doctor of Medicine, has developed and introduced into clinical practice a method of complex intensive therapy of acute respiratory distress syndrome in patients with out-of-hospital viral-bacterial pneumonia. This method allowed reducing the duration of artificial ventilation and the hospitalization period of patients in addition to halving the lethality of this pathology.

A Doctor of Medicine certificate was also awarded to Galina Semak for the development and introduction into clinical practice of a highly effective method for treating patients with dystrophic diseases of the eye cornea by using a domestic hyaluronic acid preparation.

The Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences degree was awarded to Vadim Khartovsky for developing the theory behind designing regulators for linear dynamic systems with time delays in control system responses. The results of the research look promising for designing automatic control systems for technological processes in addition to projecting the economic efficiency of managerial decisions.

Mikhail Khodasevich was awarded the Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences degree for the development of methods for analyzing multiparameter spectral data of activated media in the visible and near-infrared spectrums, which are used to determine the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of products in the petrochemical industry, paint and varnish industry, civil engineering and food industries as well as to detect counterfeited goods.

A Doctor of Medicine certificate was awarded to Yevgeny Shlyakhtunov for establishing the diagnostic value of circulating tumor cells in peripheral blood in resectable breast cancer as an indicator of the risk of the disease’s recurrence and for developing a new method of adjuvant cytostatic chemotherapy.

Professor certificates were presented by the president to Rector of Belarusian State Economic University Aleksei Yegorov (law specialization), Professor of the Informatics Department at Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics Aleksandr Ivanyuk (informatics and computer science), Head of the Department of Economic Policy and Public Administration at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Belarus Valery Matsel (history), Head of the Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology Research Department at the Forest Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Vladimir Padutov (biology), Rector of Gomel State Technical University Artur Putyato (transport), Professor of the Slavic Languages Department at Minsk State Linguistic University Alla Romanovskaya (linguistics), Head of the Food Production Technology Department at Belarusian State University of Food and Chemical Technologies Yelena Tsed (technology), Director of the Soil Science and Agrochemistry Institute Yuri Shashko (agronomy), Professor of the Polymer and Composite Materials Department at Belarusian State Technological University Zhanna Shashok (technology).

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