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24 April 2024, 16:41

Lukashenko nominated as chairman of Belarusian People's Congress

MINSK, 24 April (BelTA) – Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has been nominated for the post of chairman of the 7th Belarusian People's Congress, BelTA has learned. 

The proposal was made by the member of the House of Representatives, Secretary General of the Belarusian Red Cross Dmitry Shevtsov, and First Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee, delegate from the Belarusian Women's Union Nadezhda Lazarevich.

Dmitry Shevtsov said a few words about Aleksandr Lukashenko as a leader. "Many countries have presidents. Unfortunately, not every president is a leader. We can see what this leads to," he stressed. “Having faced the blatantly false accusations against Belarus about the abduction of children, I was forced to go to Donbass to show the opposite. I saw the consequences of the war. It's a terrifying picture. Yesterday's successful people have been thrown back into the state of a primitive communal system, where a school, a kindergarten or a hospital can be hit with a shell. Where children, playing on playgrounds, are blown up by land mines. The terrible thing is that children there are born and die without knowing what true childhood is, where their parents love them and where, most importantly, the state takes care of them." 

Ukraine is far from the only country that pays with the lives of its own citizens for the lack of will and for the worthlessness of its politicians.

"Meanwhile, we continue to live, start families, take care of the future of our children, live a normal everyday life, most importantly, a peaceful life. Isn't that the true happiness? Many people do not realize that behind all this is the difficult and intense work, experience, professionalism, innate intuition, sleepless nights of our leader - Aleksandr Grigorievich. In the most difficult days for our country, Aleksandr Grigorievich was always in the center of events, together with his people. The people have always stood by their leader. Because Aleksandr Grigorievich will never betray or allow anyone else to do this. A person who shows with his life and work how we should work, how we should live. And if necessary, to give all of themselves to the service of our Motherland," Dmitry Shevtsov said to the applause of the audience.

In turn, Nadezhda Lazarevich noted that the current congress opens a new chapter in the constitutional development of the sovereign state. She stressed that over the years of sovereign development, the country led by the president has developed the economy, risen to nuclear and space heights in science and technology, and taken responsibility for private and public affairs. 

Most of her career Nadezhda Lazarevich has worked in the manufacturing sector. "I can authoritatively say that over the years the Belarusian manufacturing sector has become an innovative sector of the economy," she said.

Other areas are gaining momentum too, and the interests of citizens have been made a priority of economic policy. "The welfare state is our national brand," Nadezhda Lazarevich emphasized.

She invited everyone to think about what would happen if in 2020 Belarus did not have Aleksandr Lukashenko but a weak-willed leader, a temporary leader, or even worse a traitor. “The answer is obvious. We would have lost everything,” the delegate said.

The country has new ambitious goals ahead, Nadezhda Lazarevich is confident. “I want our leader – Aleksandr Grigoriyevich Lukashenko - to lead us towards new achievements,” she said.

According to the legislation on the Belarusian People's Congress, the chairman, his deputy and the Presidium of the Belarusian People's Congress are elected by secret ballot. Voting booths have been set up in the Palace of the Republic specifically for this procedure.

Aleksandr Radkov, a delegate of the Belarusian People's Congress, supported the nomination. He recalled the difficult 1990s, when Aleksandr Lukashenko managed to unite people for building a strong and independent state. “Our Belarusian people have objectively realized that it is possible to move away from the abyss only with a strong-willed leader,” he said.

According to Aleksandr Radkov, back then the people entrusted their fate to Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko and made no mistake: “He represents the people and relies on the achievements of the people - historical, spiritual, material ones. He was able to inspire us to create a national economy, our own industry, strong agriculture.”

“We have been recognized as a country all over the world and first of all thanks to our national leader,” Aleksandr Radkov said.

He emphasized that the Belarusian People's Congress, which has become the supreme body of the people's power, is a very complicated system, and in order to adjust and yield results, it needs a person who can cope, who has the relevant experience, and Aleksandr Lukashenko is exactly the person it needs.

“This is a heavy burden, and the task ahead is not an easy one, and the times have not become easier now. But we ask you to take this burden on your shoulders. We will stay by your side and will do our best to help you. The same like you, we sincerely love our motherland Belarus and will not give it away to anyone,” the delegate said.

According to Director General of Molochny Mir Dairy Marina Anikeyeva, it is a historic day in the country today. “We are electing not just the chairperson of the Belarusian People’s Congress, but a leader with strategic thinking, who stood strong in a difficult time for the country and together with the Belarusian people can make the right fateful decision. This person is Aleksandr Lukashenko,” she said.

MP of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, BRSM member Vladimir Babichev stressed that the youth of the country support the candidacy of Aleksandr Lukashenko. “Our generation feels support and care. Belarus has everything for its people to live, study, work and earn. Today we are entrusted with the construction of landmark historical sites. Today our voice is heard and our opinion is taken into account. The representation of young people in the supreme body of the people's power testifies to the fact,” he added.
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