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04 November 2022, 14:01

Lukashenko: No plans to send Belarusian servicemen to Ukraine

PUKHOVICHI DISTRICT, 4 November (BelTA) - Belarus has no plans to send its servicemen to fight in Ukraine, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he talked to the staff of the Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation (BNBC) in Pukhovichi District, BelTA has learned.

"Today they are spinning this idea that ‘Lukashenko wants to send his servicemen to Ukraine!' I have already said a thousand times that I have no such plans," Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The president noted that in fact these are the self-exiled opposition that send Belarusians to their deaths. "These are someone's children. But there is no one to complain to. I didn't send you there as president. We have nothing to do there in Ukraine. We don't need to send people there to fight. Why am I being accused of this? Because they themselves send these guys there," the head of state emphasized.

When asked by BNBC employees, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that he would be happy if people did not flee from his beloved Ukraine (where he has roots) as they are doing now. He recalled that some time ago 400 to 500 people fled to Belarus from Ukraine per day. “With kids. They used bikes, whatever. Tired, worn out. Some needed to wash, some to eat, others to be treaded. Someone needed to be hospitalized. These are our kin folk. We must help...”

"They [Ukrainian authorities] are still trying to criticize me for allegedly being involved in the hostilities in Ukraine. Indeed our doctors treat both Ukrainians and Russians. We saved people and keep saving them. We don't kill anyone while Belarusians were killed there," the head of state said.

In this regard, he recalled a special operation to return truck drivers to Belarus from Ukraine. "Around 80 people were captured [in Ukraine]. They took away all their property and vehicles. People were kept in a basement. Several people were killed. To cover this crime up, they cut out the affected organs," Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

Therefore, he stressed, Ukraine must not rail against him. "You know what my position on Ukraine is. I did a lot for them! The first entity to impose sanctions against us was Kiev, Volodya Zelensky whom I treated like my child. I did many things, and I asked Russia... I don't even want to talk about it. They have imposed sanctions against us! Why? Because they're not independent. They received a command through Poland from the United States to impose sanctions and they did. They closed the airspace for us. Why are they now addressing me making some complaints? We are fulfilling our allied agreements with Russia," the Belarusian president outlined his position.

In conclusion, he once again stressed that he has no desire to send the Belarusian military to Ukraine “unless they set foot on our territory with weapons. They are welcome to come. We will treat them, take care of them. After all, they are our kin people. But if they come with weapons, they will regret it bitterly.”

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