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10 October 2022, 13:52

Lukashenko: NATO and some European countries are contemplating possible aggression against Belarus

MINSK, 10 October (BelTA) – NATO and a number of European countries are considering options for a possible aggression against Belarus. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement during a conference to discuss security matters, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “When we were in the Strategic Control Center of the Defense Ministry, you and I agreed that we would get together and once again discuss your proposals concerning the sphere of our security. We have to determine what else needs to be done in order to bolster the security of our country taking into account the rapidly changing situation. We've already stated that the situation around Belarus remains tense. Even more so, an opinion that the Belarusian army will be directly involved in the special military operation in Ukraine's territory is being cultivated in the West.”

The Belarusian leader went on saying: “Influenced by these leaks, the military political leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance and a number of European countries are already openly considering options for a possible aggression against our country, including a nuclear strike. It is not news for us. I've been warning for a long time that today their goal is not to get us to fight on Russia's side in Ukraine or, god forbid, carry out a nuclear strike and the rest. It is not the key target. The key target (it has remained the same since days of old) is to get us involved in the war while dealing with Russia and Belarus at the same time.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed out that Poland is “simply shivering” while asking Americans to immediately bring and deploy nuclear weapons in Poland. Including from nuclear arsenals in Germany.

“We have recently stated that Poles have used armed forces to defend the border with Belarus. Then they withdrew the armed forces. Some of them. But they showed to us that they were leaving. Nothing of the kind. They withdrew them by hundreds of kilometers from the border and are now equipping them with weapons according to NATO standards. They have disposed of all the Soviet and Polish weapons by donating them to Ukraine. And they are now refitting the armed forces with cutting-edge weapons. Is it difficult for them to get close to the Belarusian border? It would take them half a night. We can see it. This is why it should not calm us down. If need be, they will be able to redeploy their troops back to the border within 2-3 hours,” the head of state pointed out.

Apart from that, in the current conditions the United States of America and European Union countries say they are going to legalize the Belarusian self-exiled opposition. “As a political force. They want to substantially increase support for destructive elements, deteriorate the situation at the western border right up to organizing the second front,” he remarked.

Aleksandr Lukashenko reminded those present about what he said at the beginning of Russia's special operation in Ukraine. Back then he said Belarus would not allow anyone to shoot Russians in the back. The situation along the western border was referred to. “It was a figure of speech. But back then I saw that the western direction was the most dangerous one. If we had uncovered it, we would be standing on the brink of a war today. But we left army units over there. Moreover, we've reinforced the western flank,” he said.

The Belarus president described all the ongoing events as a logical continuation of the pressure on Belarus. Everything began with an attempt to organize a color revolution and a blitzkrieg in 2020. When those failed, they launched the second stage – economic choking and information pressure. However, it has failed to produce the desired results. “What is left then? Using force to resolve the problem. They want to destabilize the situation in the country through acts of sabotage, provocations. It is what they plan. If things work out, they intend to start combat operations afterwards. It is a very topical idea in the current situation,” he noted.

This is why the training of militants recruited from ranks of Belarusian radicals has begun in Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine. They are supposed to carry out acts of sabotage, terrorist attacks, and organize a military mutiny in Belarus. It is becoming an immediate threat.

“Taking into account the desire of the Polish government to rattle even nuclear weapons, it is not simply a threat anymore. It is a danger for the defensive ability of our country,” the head of state stressed.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said that several days ago the KGB was instructed to take the necessary counterterrorism measures. “Today we are going to hear how this instruction is being fulfilled. Taking into account all these factors, the overall emerging situation we need counteraction options. Including military ones. In order to detect and localize threats in a timely manner. In order to adequately respond to any military manifestations against Belarus if need be,” he stressed.

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