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11 July 2020, 22:03

Lukashenko: More than one generation of Belarusians grows up in the peaceful and beautiful country

Aleksandr Lukashenko
Aleksandr Lukashenko

ALEXANDRIA, 11 July (BelTA) – The Belarusian nation has lived through many disasters and hardships but it has never gone on its knees before anyone. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement during the festival Alexandria Gathers Friends on 11 July, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “They say not without a good reason that heaven is where your heart is. Not only mine but hearts of all who have gathered here. My heart is decidedly and irreversibly attached to this land and to these people. To all the Belarusians. To our wise and strong nation. To the nation that over many centuries of its history has lived through many disasters and hardships but has never gone on its knees before anyone. To the nation that knows the price of words and deeds perfectly well. To the nation that has earned the right to live in its own country and choose and determine its future on its own.”

The president noted that the year 2020 is the final year of the Years of Native Land campaign. “Look around you. Look how many good and useful things we've accomplish in our native land. Recall what it was like as little as two or three years ago. What about five years, ten years, 25 years ago? It is your huge accomplishment that more than one generation of Belarusians grows up in the trouble-free, clean, peaceful, and beautiful country. The country you and I have created virtually from scratch, on ruins of the USSR,” the head of state stated.

In his words, it was not an easy thing to accomplish, some things turned out to be excellent and even better than what they had imagined, some things turned out well, and some things need a lot more work. “You and I know perfectly well: a loaf of fresh, fragrant, organic bread is the result of long, hard, and scrupulous labor. There is no other way to do it. The same approach is true for the country. Work for the sake of results, unite in the face of any hardships, overcome any challenges – it is the only way to create the best future for one's own country and one's own nation. And definitely when all of us stand together,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.

The president recalled what they said in the Soviet times: before asking what the Motherland has done for you, ask yourself what you have done for the Motherland, for your people. “A genuine love of the Fatherland is creative. This is why let's continue working together to build our Belarus as a fair, safe, and strong country. It is particularly topical today when powers that be are trying to divide the world anew, break down the foundations, force their way of thinking and their way of life onto the weaker ones. And most importantly: in these times you should listen to your heart – it will always prompt the most correct way into the future,” the head of state is convinced.

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