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04 August 2020, 16:26

Lukashenko: Internet trolls and provocateurs seek to destabilize situation in Belarus

An archive photo
An archive photo

MINSK, 4 August (BelTA) – An army of internet trolls and provocateurs is working to destabilize the situation in the country; the state is working hard to counter this threat, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he delivered his annual address to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly on 4 August, BelTA has learned.

“An entire army of internet trolls and information provocateurs is working round the clock to destabilize the situation in the country. What are you doing? They have found these three poor girls. They do not understand what they read. What do you write them?” the head of state said.

“You write them: we will hold an ‘unfair' election and release prisoners charged with economic crimes, ‘political' prisoners, drug addicts, people charged with criminal offenses, and then hold a ‘fair' election – and will live further. Just tell them that it is not the president who calls elections in Belarus, that never after ‘an unfair' election will the Belarusian parliament make the country go through a series of election campaigns and call a new election. Just give it a single thought. What are you writing them? They do not understand what they say and what they do. However, we are fully aware who is standing behind them,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

According to him, a number of very serious steps are already being taken to counter the information threat. “Our number one task is to train our army of first-class specialists capable of confronting cyber-threats and most sophisticated technologies,” the president stressed.

“You do not reproach Lukashenko for ‘losing the battle on the internet.' Remember what I said, we are the state. We will never win this battle on the internet. Because it is yellow. We cannot stoop to the yellowish level and, pardon me, call everyone we do not like sluts and prostitutes. We cannot stoop to this level," the president said.

He noted that the person who wants to understand the situation looks for information not only on the internet but in all the media and tries to find the truth. “The demand for truth and justice is growing all the time, every day. We will deal with this problem. It is just that they have decided to test these ‘color revolutions' and new information technologies on us, a strong monolithic society. They will not succeed," the president concluded.

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