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26 October 2021, 10:38

Lukashenko threatens to fire governors for failing to complete field works

An archive photo
An archive photo

LIDA, 26 October (BelTA) – Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko warned against losing momentum in autumn field works as he was on a working trip to Lida, Grodno Oblast on 26 October, BelTA has learned.

First of all, the president asked about the state of things with agricultural works. He voiced a number of concerns and set a task to complete these works fast and on time. Among other things, Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed to issues he spotted from helicopter on the way to Lida.

The first thing the president focused on was corn harvesting. He noted that after frosts set in, it makes no sense to harvest this crop for silage. “Today, the remaining corn should be harvested for grain. This must be done. One should not expect that good weather will remain till the end of November. One week of fine days is left. After that if snow falls, you will not be able to harvest it,” the head of state said.

Addressing Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Subbotin who is in charge of agriculture, the head of state warned: “God forbid, the remaining corn for grain will be left unharvested somewhere in the country. I know what I am talking about - at 11 o'clock I did not see [from the helicopter] a single combine harvester in the field that would harvest corn. Neither did I see a single tractor plowing and raising the soil.”

The head of state also drew attention to a different level of land management in Minsk Oblast and Grodno Oblast: “I have been president for many years, I know this land inside and out. As soon as we crossed the border between Minsk Oblast and Grodno Oblast, it felt like we got into a different country.”

“Here is the task: within a week a big agricultural company should deploy two tractors to plow the land, and mid-sized and small companies should use one tractor (primary, energy-intensive one). Otherwise, you will no longer work here. You have relaxed too much. Where are the energy-intensive tractors? We delivered thousands of energy-intensive tractors this year and last year. What are they doing now?” the head of state asked.

Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed to a number of other faults in agricultural works and gave specific instructions.

“We have come to a standstill, we are slacking off. There will be so much work in the spring! We will not be able to handle everything in time! Therefore, plow the land and harvest corn for grain. Right now. From morning till night. Do not wait till corn dries,” the head of state emphasized.

“This is unacceptable! Not a single governor will retain their office unless autumn field works are completed in full,” the Belarusian leader emphasized.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also drew attention to discipline and personnel issues. An important role here is assigned to the presidential aides – inspectors in the regions.

The president paid special attention to agricultural works in Minsk Oblast: “Tell Minsk Oblast [Aleksandr Lukashenko said it addressing Aleksandr Subbotin] that unless they do what I told them… By the way, people as big as Kosinets are in charge of it. Isachenko is also in charge (they both are former governors). And the current governor, Turchin. Let three of them sit down and discuss how to come to grips with the situation. Because it is better to sit and discuss how to fulfill my instructions than to stand in front of me and explain something. Good management is now even more important here than economic aspects. Let them embark on work. Minsk Oblast is half the country. And everybody is telling me how they are going to work in Krupki and other districts. You don't need to tell me this, I know it by myself. Field works should be in full swing right now, because otherwise we will be left without bread [in the coming years].”

With regard to Grodno Oblast, the president named reclamation works as a strategic task. This is needed to retain fertile agricultural land. “This land should be saved,” he said.

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