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18 June 2024, 13:01

Lukashenko examines samples of new military uniforms

MINSK, 18 June (BelTA) – Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko examined prospective samples of new items of uniform for military personnel before a session of the Council of Ministers in the Palace of Independence on 18 June, BelTA has learned.

The samples of the new uniforms were prepared by the Defense Ministry upon instructions of the head of state. The Defense Ministry explained that the changes had been prompted by world trends, the transformation of the combat and training missions that military personnel have to carry out, and by the need to unify individual items of the official uniforms worn by different categories of military personnel.

“What’s new about it? Why are you not satisfied with the existing uniforms?” Aleksandr Lukashenko wondered.

Belarusian Deputy Defense Minister for Logistics, Chief of Logistics of the Armed Forces Andrei Burdyko told the president that the suggested changes will allow expanding the functionality of military uniforms. The uniforms will be convenient to wear considering the peculiar nature of the tasks military personnel have to carry out.

Some parts of the uniforms now have a different structure to give more movement freedom to military personnel in the course of carrying out their duties. The protection of knee joints and elbow joints has been improved in combat uniforms.

All the novelties – the list and names of the articles of military uniforms, their color range – are stipulated by a draft presidential decree. A tactical shirt, a fleece jacket, a summer neck scarf and a winter one for combat uniforms are slated for production. Fur collars of winter jackets will be replaced with textile ones. The piping in the uniforms of the interior troops of the Internal Affairs Ministry will be maroon as a tribute to traditions.

“A tactical shirt is an absolutely new item for our Armed Forces. It is extremely convenient in the course of using a bulletproof vest and utility belts. Military specialists feel quite comfortable even if they have to handle significant physical load,” Chief of the Stores and Clothing Office of the Defense Ministry Aleksei Kovalev explained to reporters.

Women in uniform will get dresses, a hat, and a neck tab in addition to their everyday uniforms. They will be issued demi-season ankle boots in autumn. Cadets of military education institutions will get so-called office sets that consist of a jacket and trousers. They will have to wear current everyday uniforms with a service coat for festive events. Cadets and soldiers will be issued T-shirts in summer.

The Defense Ministry believes that it is necessary to redesign the uniform worn by cadets of Suvorov Military School. The current uniform was approved in 1996. The new one will resemble the uniform of other cadets but will have usual darker colors. The changes will be stipulated by a separate presidential decree.

“How much will it cost?” the head of state asked for clarification.

“The costs will stay the same due to the extension of the standard wearout time and due to the replacement of other articles of clothing,” Andrei Burdyko said.
He added that the new models had been handed over to the troops for practical testing. Wishes and proposals of military personnel were taken into account in the course of making the uniforms.

“It is good that you are satisfied. You don’t ask for more money. We will do it,” the president concluded.

Yet Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked that there is no need to wait for years if the need to improve uniforms arises. These matters should be addressed promptly, he stressed.

The troops are expected to get the new uniforms in Q3-Q4 2024 once all the necessary regulatory acts and intradepartmental documents are adopted.

It is worth noting that all the uniforms have been made by Belarusian enterprises using Belarusian fabrics. Flagships of the textile industry took part in the manufacturing process: Mogilev-based Mogotex and Minsk-based Kamvol. A total of about ten clothing industry enterprises took part in this work.

“98% of the fabrics used to make the clothes are fabrics of Belarusian make. I am glad they are,” Chairwoman of the Belarusian state light industry concern Bellegprom Tatiana Lugina noted.

In her words, close attention was paid to protective qualities of the clothes and its wear resistance in the course of making the new uniform samples.

“Unlike other collections this one pays attention to our girls and to how our guys have to do their duty in summer. This is why the list of garments includes summer wear in the form of dresses and T-shirts. And jackets now have a hood. We’d like our military personnel from different service branches to feel comfortable in everyday uniforms and ceremonial dresses at any time of year,” Tatiana Lugina said.

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