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26 March 2024, 13:48

Lukashenko dismisses claims of Russia, Belarus’ plans to attack West as nonsense

OSHMYANY DISTRICT, 26 March (BelTA) - The claims of the plans of Russia and Belarus to attack the West are a complete nonsense, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko told the media on 26 March, BelTA has learned.

“It is a complete nonsense. We have come here openly to show them that we are not going to attack them. We are building a defense system here,” the head of state said. “We do not need to attack anybody. I once said somewhere: may God give us a chance to deal with things in Ukraine. What war against NATO troops are they talking about? We do not need it. They are waiting for it. They are provoking us to respond. Take the recent sending of sabotage groups across the Ukrainian border through Belarus. Why are they doing it? We do not attack, we do nothing. They are provoking us to respond. They are interested in unleashing this war. They are far from being smart.”

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, NATO forces, including servicemen from the United States and Germany, are currently stationed at the Pabrade training area in Lithuania. “They are foreigners to that country. Do you think that Germans and Americans have come there to defend Lithuania in case of a clash with Belarusians and Russians? Such things have never happened before. They are not going to do that. With the first slightest predicament they will run away from the battlefield. They will do the right thing. Their land is in Germany and the USA. No mercenaries will solve any issue here,” he said.

The head of state spoke in a similar vein about the situation in Ukraine and mentioned talks about the deployment of French military there: “There are 120,000 Ukrainian soldiers close to our border. They want to take them away, send them to the war against Russia. And here, they want to deploy French or NATO troops close to our southern border. This move of theirs will benefit us. They will not defend Ukraine the way Ukrainians are defending it now."

“We are not going to fight them. We do not need it. I have always said this: we do not need what is not ours, but we will never give away what belongs to us. This is our logic. We do not need this war,” the Belarusian leader said. “Why should we stand head-on and fight against each other? We are just being dragged into it, provoked. Those interested in this are far away. They want us to fight each other here. They will come here, to the ashes, print dollars and restore these lands, but not in the interests of our peoples. Neither Lithuanian, nor Polish, nor Belarusian ones.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko urged not to fight, but to work on the land, grow crops, deal with the issues of people's lives: “We should not fool around, but develop the land, get bread here and feed our children and grandchildren. This is our goal. We are not going to fight them. We need them to realize that no threat is coming from here. But we will respond immediately to any of their aggressive moves.”

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