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09 November 2021, 17:49

Lukashenko describes Belarus as victim of Western smear campaign

Aleksandr Lukashenko
Aleksandr Lukashenko

MINSK, 9 November (BelTA) – Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has responded to Western countries' accusations concerning Belarus amid the growing migration crisis. He made the relevant statements in an interview with Igor Korotchenko, a military expert and Editor-in-Chief of the Russian magazine Natsionalnaya Oborona [national defense], BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “I am afraid this confrontation over migrants at the border may lead to some critical phase. It is the grounds for provocations. Any provocation can be arranged. I've already warned the Belarusian army to be careful and watchful.”

The head of state drew attention to the tricks European Union law enforcement agencies use towards migrants: “We don't shoot over people's heads the way they do. Our helicopters don't fly over them. If a helicopter flies 20-30 meters above the ground, these kids and people get blown away. They simply intimidate them.”

“This is their face. They have always been like that. Did we start wars?” the Belarusian leader asked a rhetorical question.

Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed out that the current situation is nothing compared to what was done after World War One and World War Two began. “It is their face after all,” he stressed.

Aleksandr Lukashenko stated that dozens of millions of people died in battles not only in Europe but also in Asia during World War Two. “[China President] Xi Jinping has recently told me about it,” the head of state reminded.

The president attributed attacks on Belarus to the desire to distract from domestic problems in countries of the European Union. “Inside Poland, Lithuania. Look at Germany today and the so-called transit of authority. Look at the UK, France… There are plenty of problems over there. Ours is nothing when compared to theirs. The nations are dissatisfied. How can one negate it? It can be done by declaring that someone is an idiot, a scumbag, who will attack, for instance, Poland tomorrow. We've never intended and are not going to attack Poland. We have our hands full with the territory we have. But they dream of entire [Belarus' territory],” Aleksandr Lukashenko stated.

The head of state believes that Western demands that Belarus should somehow stem the flow of migrants are absolutely illogical: “You've enforced sanctions against me, against Belarusians. You've started a hybrid war against Belarus (mass media, economy, politics, now military, security). And do you, scumbags and madmen, want me to protect you, including from migrants?”

The president also referred to the situation with the Belarus-EU readmission agreement, which had been terminated due to violations on the part of the European Union. Although the flow of migrants has increased considerably: about 80 people used to reach the European Union via Belarus every year, now over 2,000 daily according to European agencies. “We came to terms and signed the agreement. In line with the agreement they had to build facilities in Belarus for the people we are supposed to take as part of the readmission procedure. They enforced sanctions against us. They abandoned these plans and don't finance it. They don't build these so-called camps,” the head of state noted. “They've violated the agreement and pulled out of it. Nothing can be got out of them as people say. I have nothing to do with it. If people run, they are free to run. How am I supposed to return them to Belarus and create enclaves here? I have enough problems as it is.”

Besides, it has been stated repeatedly that Belarus is not the key goal of the migrants. “They say it plainly: we don't go to Poland, we've been called to go to Germany, let us through,” the president noted. However, in response these migrants have to endure harsh methods of European law enforcement agencies, indifference and inhumane treatment. The Belarusian leader drew attention to these facts: “We have about 200 dead migrants. Not one, two, or three people but about 200! Why doesn't the world know about it? Why do human rights activists in Germany, France, UK, USA keep silent about it? Why do they stay quiet? Why do Poles prevent even reporters from going there? They've cordoned off the area and don't let anyone reach the border. All these images and videos came mainly from us. Now someone tries to break through and this scandal and noise ensue. What does Lukashenko have to do with it? You beat up the people you've told to come.”

“It is a well-organized process. And, let's say, if they want me to pay for the process and stop it out of my own pocket like I did in the past… Stop it instead of financing it like Americans stated yesterday or the day before yesterday: I finance these refugees. Do you think I have money to spare? And then give me facts. If I finance them, prove it with facts. But Americans are too great for that. They babble something and forget what they said,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stated. He stressed that ordinary Belarusians help migrants by bringing food, water, and warm clothes. “Yes, they help. And thank god. Because we are Belarusians,” he said.

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