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06 July 2024, 22:45

Lukashenko calls to keep lights on for unpromising villages

ALEXANDRIA. 6 July (BelTA) – We need to keep the lights on for unpromising villages, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at the national festival Kupala Night (Alexandria Gathers Friends), BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko admitted that July is one of the most difficult months in the president's schedule, since a large number of mass events take place during this period, and the harvesting campaign is entering an active phase. This time, the international agenda also left an imprint: not so long ago, the head of state returned from the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which was held in Astana.

"Before returning home, I had planned in advance to land here (the airport is good), because there is a lot of work to do in the east of the country. I will work from here in the near future, watch how we prepare for the harvest time. Harvest in the field is very good, like never before. I don't remember a year for farmers like this one. We have been blessed with a wonderful harvest this year. So there will be a lot of hard work," the head of state shared his plans. “After a busy time, you return to your hometown and it feels like another world. You come to your roots. Here you feel better, easier. And literally in a day you feel healthy, strong, liked in the days when you lived here. You recharge very quickly."

"There are quite a few of my fellow townsmen here, to be honest, who know everything about you. Sometimes the things you don't know yourself. This is the most difficult thing - to come to you, to speak before you understanding that the people sitting in this amphitheater think different things about you. And I begin to wonder whether I have delivered on everything I promised,” the president noted. 

Recently, a Russian journalist asked the head of state what is the most difficult thing for him as president. And Aleksandr Lukashenko answered: "To justify people's trust."

"It seemed that for three decades it was time for me to grow some skin. But nothing of the kind. This comes all from here, from this land. Here you learn to appreciate people, to make them happy, to do everything so that they do not think badly of you," the Belarusian leader said. "I was born on this land. Here I studied, here are my roots. When I come back here, I feel that this is my hometown."

“Why am I saying this? Dear Belarusians and our closest friends from Ukraine and Russia, please think about my proposal to buy small plots in the so-called unpromising villages for a pittance, for a penny. You know that we have saved our villages. We are building more than 1,500 agro-towns. We have already determined where they will be. We have medium-sized and very small villages where many, many people used to live," Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “Beautiful places, amazing places. These medium-sized and small villages must not perish. Who will keep them going? We will!” 

The president encourages citizens to buy plots in these villages: "We must revive these villages. Let you have a dacha there. After all, this is 40-50 acres of land, a sizable piece. In a city or near a city, you can buy six acres at best for a summer house. Here it is 40-50 acres," Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “Do it now. It will be late tomorrow. Do it because you have children and they need to know what it is to walk barefoot on the land." 

It is necessary to hurry up because tomorrow these plots will no longer be available, as Belarus has become a quiet, calm and cozy place for Russians and Ukrainians, the head of state noted. They are happy to buy land here: they come to Belarus for peace and quiet.
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