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20 October 2020, 17:11

Lukashenko calls for fair treatment of workers

MINSK, 20 October (BelTA) – Fair treatment of people and support of the personnel of struggling enterprises are above all, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he made personnel decisions on 20 October, BelTA has learned.

“We need to support those who are in a difficult situation today. You cannot leave people behind. We are Slavic people. We act in a humane way. If you have achieved something, help your neighbor. Do not mistreat people. The majority of Belarusians are good people. They understand what's going on,” the head of state stressed.

The president cited an example of the way people have been recently expressing their conscious civic position through nationwide car rallies. “They get into their cars and drive across the country. There have been many such trips already. This costs money. These people buy state flags, symbols, spend money on petrol and embark on such trips to show their position. That is no small feat,” the Belarusian leader said. Aleksandr Lukashenko once again mentioned a rally which took place in Minsk the other day. The rally gathered veterans of law enforcement agencies who came to declare their position, but the participants of the protest were not ready to listen to them. “People came to Minsk from all over the country. They heard about it in Telegram channels. If you [the organizers of the protest on 19 October in Minsk] called out people, then you could have at least talked to them, hear their opinion. I saw that picture. No one was ready to listen. Their job is to go out and shout,” the head of state commented on the recent events.

The president drew attention of the newly appointed heads of districts and OAO Naftan to the need to support the personnel, and be guided by the interests of the country, not just local interests. “It does not mean that you will be dealing with issues related to your company only. You have the whole city – Novopolotsk,” the head of state said as he addressed Andrei Soiko, who was appointed Director General of OAO Naftan. “Thousands of people live there. The city was built around this plant. That means the city depends on you. There are other enterprises there, but this company [OAO Naftan] has always been the mainstay of the city. Polotsk is not far away and also needs assistance. Our economy is socially oriented. So is the country,” he added.

“Take care of people. Do your best to make their lives better. Justice is above all,” the president said.

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