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01 September 2022, 16:29

Lukashenko blames West for hostility between Russia, Belarus, Ukraine

MINSK, 1 September (BelTA) – Why did we allow three brotherly nations to be set at odds with each other? Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement during the open lesson “Historical memory - the road to the future” on 1 September, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “Regretfully, we live unaware of what will happen tomorrow. A war is at our doorstep like it happened many times in our history. So-called Western partners have set three brotherly nations – Belarusians, Russians, and Ukrainians – at odds with each other. We were set at odds. But it doesn't make us look good. What about us? Don't we have brains? Why did we allow them to make us clash? Who is there on the horizon once again? The same Polish elites and behind them 55 countries I think. They exploit the situation to recreate a new Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Rzeczpospolita). They have already legalized their special privileges in Ukraine. Back in the day I spoke about it. I am afraid Ukrainians will have to stop any bloodshed with Russia soon and appeal to us for protection from polonization, from this sly advance to the east from the territory of Poland and other countries intent on cutting Ukraine into pieces.”

And everything seems as if Poland forgot its territorial claims regarding Ukraine, Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked. “As for the massacre in Volyn. Ukraine has forgiven everything Poles did in what they view as their own eastern lands. Continuing this policy, the Polish government capitalizes on refugees and increases its weight in Europe. Meanwhile, Ukraine is falling into an abyss, the Ukrainian nation is simply being robbed. Everything is repeating. Belarus was robbed of trainloads of timber, peat, cattle, and grain during World War One. Now they rob Ukraine of black soil, grain, and other resources. Where are these resources being taken? To feed poor Africa as mass media reports claim? No, all of it is being transported to rich Europe,” he stated. “A new question: what is the European Union? So called independent sources say it is an association of sovereign states. Give me a break! The pandemic demonstrated who calls the shots and who has rights over there when decisions were made to close borders, introduce a lockdown, and distribute aid between the countries. And the big shot is not even in Brussels, which is allegedly the political center of the European Union. The big shot is over the ocean. He thinks that the Atlantic Ocean can protect against anything, that they can sit it out just the way they always have.”

The world will never be the same. The United States of America no longer has monopoly on making decisions on behalf of other countries and continents, Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed. “The unipolar world is crushing down and new centers of power are emerging. Those are China, India, Russia, Middle East and Latin America countries. The world is waking up. This is why as it tries to hold onto control, the USA is ceasing to be a world policeman and is becoming a world terrorist. They destroy everything. It is a vivid sign of a crisis and weakness. We see it in today's hysterics: about Afghanistan, Ukraine, Taiwan, and the rest. It is not politics but pillaging and all over the world at that. Even the most dedicated satellites, which stand ready to fulfill any wish of the master, suffer. Western Europe is led to believe it is a big-time political entity but this subjectivity results in soaring prices for energy resources and record-high inflation. Essentially Europe is about to experience the greatest food crisis on record. Meanwhile, they keep putting pressure and building a fence between the West and the East at the Belarusian border. War to the last Balt and the last Ukrainian.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko went on saying: “I know that many of you are wondering about what happens next. What will happen to Ukraine since it is so close? The proximity doesn't matter. The fact that those are our people does. The fact that they are Slavs does not matter. We've bonded with the Ukrainian nation by blood for a long time. What will happen in the future? Nobody knows. But we fear it may result in the most dreadful clash. Using the most dreadful weapons god forbid. Americans will not pass up on this opportunity. But by definition, let's talk sincerely. Russia cannot lose. Russia cannot suffer a defeat over there. Many Belarusians and I support Russia in this regard. We are told that Russia is an aggressor and we are, too. Not at all. If the special preventive operation had not begun back then, Belarus would have suffered a missile strike. And they wanted us to get involved in this war. But 30 minutes before the Russian president declared the special military operation, we suppressed these sites. Russians did well. They saw these sites prepared for an attack against Belarus in advance. They were getting ready for it. Ukrainians were not getting ready. The West and the USA were. And they will put pressure to see this situation to the end. They will do anything to bring Russia to its knees. But Russia cannot drop on its knees.”

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