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06 May 2022, 11:34

Lukashenko: Belarus has more freedom and democracy than the West does

MINSK, 5 May (BelTA) – Belarus has more freedom and democracy than the Western countries do, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said in an interview to the Associated Press on 5 May, BelTA has learned.

“If you don't like anything, you simply shut it down. Neither us, nor the Russians can express a different point of view in your YouTube, Twitter and so on. You have banned it and that's it. And you keep stirring up only one topic. Fake news actually. This is your freedom of speech,” said the Belarusian leader. “Here journalists express their points of view on Russia, the West and so on. The only thing which is forbidden is to destroy the country. We have learned it from you. You do not allow anyone to destroy the United States, or England, or Germany and others. Am I doing something unusual? We are good at learning from you. We have much more freedom of speech and democracy, which you constantly talk about, than the stronghold of this democracy does, I mean the United States and England, and the European Union.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko urged to leave aside the stereotypes about Belarus and the situation in the country: “No one here prohibits others to speak. I have fought and will continue to fight against those who want to destroy the country. What is wrong about it? These are my constitutional duties.”

“If you go on a railroad and try to derail a train carrying people or dangerous goods from Europe to Russia and vice versa, I have to provide security. And I do it in every way possible. I will continue to do so. But I have no intention to shut somebody's mouth. Go ahead and speak, criticize, discuss anything you like,” said the president.

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