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Lukashenko appoints senior officials of Belarus President Administration

President 05.12.2019 | 15:44

MINSK, 5 December (BelTA) – Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has appointed Igor Sergeyenko head of the Belarus President Administration. Olga Chupris has been appointed deputy head of the Belarus President Administration, BelTA informs.

The previous head and deputy head of the Belarus President Administration will work in the parliament. Natalya Kochanova will work in the Council of the Republic on a presidential quota. Valery Mitskevich was elected to the House of Representatives of the seventh convocation.

At present Major-General Igor Sergeyenko is the first deputy chairman of the State Security Committee. Doctor of Judicial Sciences professor Olga Chupris is the vice rector for academic work and educational innovations of the Belarusian State University.

Besides, Aleksandr Lukashenko made a decision to assign a presidential quota in the Council of the Republic to Mikhail Rusy, Anatoly Isachenko and Sergei Rachkov.

“As for the Belarus President Administration, I approved your candidacy, Igor Petrovich [Sergeyenko]. There were many discussions. I decided in favor of your candidacy because your work at the State Security Committee had much in common with what the Belarus President Administration is doing. This includes issues involving the personnel and their integrity, political and social issues,” the head of state said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized that the Belarus President Administration is the main political office of the head of state. “It took me a long time to consider different proposals. I think this job suits you. I talked to Vakulchik [KGB Chairman Valery Vakulchik], I warned him that he will work closely with the head of the Belarus President Administration. And Natalya Ivanovna [Kochanova] will not stay away from this job. She will help you and give advice if necessary. She has much experience. It is very difficult to work in the Belarus President Administration, and the job of the head of the Belarus President Administration is a hot pan,” the Belarusian leader remarked.

“You are a patriot, a committed and experienced person. You should do your best at work. When the new generation comes, they will continue what we have started and preserve the country. We must preserve the country now,” the president stressed.

Speaking about the appointment of Olga Chupris, the head of state said that she is a good scientist, a smart and experienced specialist. “We need such a person, a scientist right now (this is the demand of our life as well). This person should be able to explain difficult judicial terms and norms to people using the language of law and simpler notions, a person who can talk to every audience,” he remarked.

As the deputy head of the Belarus President Administration Olga Chupris will supervise issues involving legal regulation, organize work regarding the revision of the Constitution. “Amending the Constitution is in demand in our society. We have to, at least, revise certain provisions of the Constitution, reform the government, vest the government and the parliament with new authorities,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “Of course, the head of the Belarus President Administration will deal with it, but you will be in charge.”

“The state and legal department of the Belarus President Administration [Olga Chupris will supervise the work of this department] is a purgatory, a filter. It will eliminate legal documents which can do harm to the state, which can destroy the current course,” the president emphasized.

As for Natalya Kochanova, who will work in the Council of the Republic, Aleksandr Lukashenko hopes that MPs will support her candidacy for the post of the chairperson of the upper chamber of the parliament. “I will not conceal (members of the upper chamber are free to decide the way they like) that I would like Natalya Kochanova to become the chairperson of the Council of the Republic, and Anatoly Mikhailovich [former chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Anatoly Isachenko] to become the deputy chairman.”

“I want to emphasize once again this this is not a matter of principle because all senators have equal rights. But Natalya Ivanovna [Kochanova] has a huge experience of administrative work and will keep an eye on the operation of the Belarus President Administration for the period until the new head familiarizes himself with the job,” Aleksandr Lukashenko specified.

Apart from that, Natalya Kochanova will supervise the state of affairs in Minsk as the authorized representative of the president. Anatoly Isachenko will supervise Minsk Oblast.

The president asked Mikhail Rusy to monitor the operation of the Agriculture and Food Ministry in the Council of the Republic. “You should do both jobs till the appointment of the new presidential aide. I think that after New Year we will make this personnel decision. But even after that you will keep an eye on Mogilev Oblast,” the president said. “You should work in the best interests of the country. Please do not retire. A complicated period is ahead of us.”

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