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Constitutional Court judges encouraged to teach in Belarusian universities

President 15.03.2018 | 15:12
Alexander Lukashenko
Alexander Lukashenko

MINSK, 15 March (BelTA) – Judges of the Constitutional Court should do some active teaching in universities, particularly for students of legal profession. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made the relevant statement as he met with judges of the Constitutional Court on 15 March, BelTA has learned.

The formation of a constitutionally oriented legal awareness in modern conditions was discussed during the meeting. The head of state agreed that “seeds” of this process should be sown as early as secondary school. However, the president drew attention to work in universities. “I would like you to do some teaching in our main universities and see what is going on over there. You are well-trained and respected specialists. Students will listen to you. At the same time you will feel what and how we teach to future lawyers. We have a great lot of problems. I often run into them personally as I deal with various issues and oversee matters. We have a lot of problems among practicing lawyers,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

The head of state mentioned the reformation of the Public Administration Academy as an example. “We would like to redesign the academy in this regard. It is a large sphere of work of civil servants. The academy trains people, who know how to manage things, the people the state will need tomorrow. We should shortlist such people. Second, we should teach them what we need starting with foreign languages so that they could speak fluently — some of them may become ministers, vice premiers, or the prime minister tomorrow — and ending with not exactly knowledge, but legal awareness. Nobody can take care of it better than judges of the Constitutional Court,” pointed out Alexander Lukashenko.

The president remarked that the improvement of the education process is an important matter for all universities, in particular, the matters of curricula, training, recruitment of professors… “Because today they talk about salaries for professors… On the other hand, what is there to pay for? Everything is stale. Representatives of IT companies were invited to take a look at universities. They were stunned. They said they are ready to pay and can even seek and hire professors to train specialists for the companies because what universities offer now is a thing of the past. Salaries are not the problem. But we should feel blame in this regard, too. We should give a nudge to the process,” said the head of state.

“We had a brief look at secondary school. We are doing something over there. It seems we have even fixed some things. I can see it because I now ‘go to school anew' [together with my youngest son]. But we have not touched universities. It is necessary to train new specialists. As far as legal profession is concerned, I would like members of the Constitutional Court to pitch in. If you need some legal framework for it, submit your proposals and we will formalize them,” concluded the president.

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