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05 March 2018, 12:26

Belarusian municipal government agencies told to focus on regional economy development

MINSK, 5 March (BelTA) – Municipal government agencies should pay close attention to the development of the economy in the regions. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko gave the relevant instructions as he approved the appointment of new heads of municipal executive and administrative agencies on 5 March, BelTA has learned.

Alexander Lukashenko said: “If nothing is produced, if people are unemployed, there will be no salaries. And we need normal salaries. Think not about simply keeping an enterprise afloat. Think about ways to make it profitable. Pool all the resources together in order to produce results. Economy is the most important matter there is.”

As an example Alexander Lukashenko mentioned the situation in agricultural enterprises. In his words, the development of many Belarusian agricultural enterprises is below expectations. On the other hand, there is a large number of successful enterprises in Belarus. “This is a crucial year. Let's organize things in a way as to grow every day starting with the sowing campaign,” demanded the head of state.

Alexander Lukashenko drew attention to the management of human resources, including at private enterprises. “Let's them produce. Just keep an eye on salaries over there. They have to be rewarding. Human rights must be observed, too: first of all, jobs, salaries, schools, and social sphere. Human resources in your territory are what you should take care of,” stressed the president. “Oversight over the heads of companies regardless of their ownership type — state-run or private — must be unrelenting.”

The head of state also warned the newly appointed heads of municipal government agencies about responsibility for corruption crimes. “Belarus is a special country. People here are accustomed to honesty, integrity, and justice. We have always supported it since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Our people are not accustomed to seeing someone robbing them blind just because the criminal is in a position of power. Such things are inadmissible. I will never steer away from this policy,” stated the Belarusian leader.

Alexander Lukashenko asked in detail about the development of the districts the newly appointed executives will manage, about problems in these regions, and available ways to resolve them. The president gave instructions to turn around troubled enterprises, monitor the commissioning of new facilities, and deal with the existing shortcomings. The head of state promised that over the course of the year he would travel to a number of these districts and check how his instructions were being fulfilled.

“Just remember one thing: authority will slip through your fingers if you don't get a grip on things. Once we give slack, once we let processes run unchecked, we will get a situation akin to our neighbors'. This is why I want you to exercise solid authority but without high-handedness. Don't offend the people. Don't do things that will shame not only you but your children as well,” warned Alexander Lukashenko.

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