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20 July 2021, 15:27

Belarusian diplomats urged to more actively protect country's interests

MINSK, 20 July (BelTA) – Diplomats should be more active and more enterprising in protecting interests of the country. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement during the government conference held on 20 July to discuss modern foreign policy priorities, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs employs a lot of smart and sensible people and they should produce the relevant results.

Aleksandr Lukashenko recalled that before the presidential election in 2020 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent him multiple proposals regarding contacts with the USA, Lithuania, Latvia, and a number of other European countries. “And nothing you've suggested to me has worked out. What was that after all? Disinformation? Where are your ideas now? Where are contacts, events meant to promote and enhance the image, and work with analytical institutions? Maybe you were simply used as pawns as security professionals say and you didn't even understand it?” the head of state wondered.

“Then finally if someone in Riga, if some scoundrel touches the Belarusian flag and starts tearing it up, removing it, then the ambassador should come out and publicly smash the scoundrel's face in while possibly risking his life. But we kept silent. And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stayed silent until the president stomped his foot (I mention it for the press),” Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed out.

“The same applies to Lithuania and other countries. The president should not give you instructions. Instead you should submit the relevant proposals to the president, proposals that match what our neighbors and the rest do to Belarus,” the head of state added.

Aleksandr Lukashenko stated with regret that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not demonstrated its full potential at a special time for the country. Because diplomatic missions should essentially work like analytical centers. “Literally a handful of reports deserve the attention of the head of state and the government. I've instructed the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to improve the quality of analytical materials. I have yet to see the results,” he stated.

Aleksandr Lukashenko went on saying: “You directly contact the other side. Your job is to constantly keep an eye on the public life of your host country, collect information, analyze, and think about the events that happen, and raise alarm in advance if you see threats. But it is not enough. You should influence the attitude of at least the elites, at least the leaders of the host country as much as possible and as much as impossible in the current conditions.”

The Belarusian leader remarked that every report from ambassadors mentions multiple useful contacts and acquaintances with politicians of their host countries. “The information, which was submitted ahead of this meeting to describe the personal contributions of the heads of diplomatic missions, looks more like a recommendation for state awards than a performance report,” the head of state rebuked those present.

“Where are those contacts? They may not exist at all or the diplomats are simply incapable of using them,” the head of state wondered.

Moreover, personnel in a number of diplomatic missions demonstrate apathy and indifference. There are some cases of moral decay. Aleksandr Lukashenko criticized the central staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the same manner.

On the other hand, examples of an active stance of Belarusian diplomats were also mentioned during the meeting. Aleksandr Lukashenko referred to Permanent Representative of the Republic of Belarus to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva Yuri Ambrazevich. The head of state said: “He sent me a letter. He wrote honestly and sincerely what he thinks. I gave instructions to discuss the thoughts the letter mentions at a session of the Constitutional Commission. Some of the ideas coincided with the opinion of members of the Constitutional Commission.”

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