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Belarus president about personnel appointments: Time for a new generation to come

President 12.09.2019 | 14:15

MINSK, 12 September (BelTA) – It is important to rejuvenate the workforce and appoint promising executives and officials to responsible posts. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the relevant statement on 12 September as he made personnel decisions, in particular, a number of ambassadors were appointed, BelTA has learned.

The head of state said: “It is time for a new generation to arrive. We will retire one day. That day is not that far. People, who should preserve the country, should come. Ambassadors should be such people. We don't want a repeat of the past situation [the first few years after the USSR collapse] when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs employed unfit people with unclear attitudes. Even security agencies had to catch them. It was unclear who they'd been working for.”

“I want the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be strong and I want people to be full of promise,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.

In turn, Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei assured that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs now has a good hardworking team. “I can assure you if someone is a problem, we get rid of them,” he added.

The head of state wondered about the minister's opinion about professional and personal qualities of the newly appointed ambassadors. “The ambassadors are worthy people as far as I can understand,” he remarked.

Vladimir Makei said that, for instance, Viktor Rybak, who has been appointed Belarus' ambassador to Turkey with concurrent accreditation to Iraq, knows this region and had worked in Iran for a long time. Vladimir Makei said: “There is a convergence of interests there. I met with the senior undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq yesterday. Very interesting information was shared.”

As for Nikolai Ovsyanko – the new ambassador of Belarus to Ecuador with concurrent accreditation to Columbia, Nicaragua, and Panama, he has not dealt with trade and economic problems up till now. However, he speaks Spanish fluently and knows very well disarmament problems thanks to his previous experience of working as the head of the International Security and Arms Control Department of the Central Office for Multilateral Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Vladimir Makei said he was confident there are prospects for advancing relations with Ecuador. Although that country's current leadership inclines heavily towards the USA and the European Union, the implementation of a number of projects with Belarus' assistance continues. “Belorusneft works well over there. There are certain prospects for [the Belarusian overseas real estate developer] Belzarubezhstroy. Columbia is a very promising country. You've authorized opening an embassy there. Lots of promise with regard to agriculture and deliveries of machines, vehicles, and equipment. It is necessary to put effort into this work now.”

Yevgeny Vorobyev, who will be in charge of the Belarusian embassy in Israel, also received positive recommendations. “We need such a man over there. He's earned a good reputation in the Europe Office [of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs]. He can do the job,” Vladimir Makei was convinced.

It was noted that further advancement of Belarus' relations with Egypt and Sudan is an important direction in foreign policy. “Our trade turnover and export have been on the rise this year in the wake of the relevant visits,” Vladimir Makei said.

The new ambassador to Egypt with concurrent accreditation to Sudan and Oman Sergei Terentyev is also familiar with the relevant matters and will pick up the work of his predecessor in this office.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “We already have good roots in Egypt. The foundation has been laid. We should add some projects in Sudan little by little. The same applies to Ecuador. Nobody is saying that we should go all the way (like a giant country) to develop trade with them. But we should add two or three projects. It would be a good idea to come up with some other projects beneficial for us in addition to Belorusneft's. In other words, be real.”

The diplomatic experience of Vyacheslav Beskosty, who will represent Belarus' interests in Turkmenistan, was also mentioned. He will have to do some serious work to normalize the bilateral relations, primarily the problems concerning the construction of the Garlyk mining and processing factory. “We hope that with his diplomatic experience he will be able to organize work over there in the direction we need,” Vladimir Makei said.

“They are good, promising ambassadors. I think they will do the job,” the Belarusian minister of foreign affairs added.

BelTA reported earlier that Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko appointed new ambassadors of Belarus to Egypt, Israel, Ecuador, Turkey, and Turkmenistan on 12 September.

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