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Giving more power to Belarusian youth organization BRSM suggested
29 October, 12:49
“There are many of you but you are not all the young Belarusians. You should become a center of attraction for the other people of your age and for all the children of Belarus, an example of active and serious participation in the country's life,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Alexander Lukashenko
Belarus president backs non-radical way of development
29 October, 12:27
“The fact that we didn't rush to embrace that crazy radical market in the past will give us more benefits down the road. We have already benefited from steering away from radical ways but things will be even better than that,” the head of state concluded.
Lukashenko: Role of youth union in Belarus should be clearly defined
29 October, 12:06
The president drew attention to the fact that large unions, like the BRSM Youth Union, are the backbone of the civil society.
Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko: Justice should be at the heart of Belarus' ideology
29 October, 11:23
“People want justice. This is our ideology and we should stick to it,” the Belarusian leader emphasized.
Lukashenko meets with BRSM Youth Union core group
29 October, 11:09
The president called the centenary of the Komsomol a significant day for the veterans of the organization and also today's youth who continue the traditions of the biggest youth movement.
Alexander Lukashenko
Belarus president calls for peace in Ukraine through efforts of three Slavonic nations
26 October, 18:31
"Not Europeans, Americans, or someone else. We should be the ones to resolve this problem in order to prevent it from simmering on the backburner like some other hot spots in the ex-USSR do,” Alexander Lukashenko is convinced.
Lukashenko: Colossal demand for stronger friendship in Belarus, Ukraine
26 October, 18:07
There is a colossal demand in Belarus and Ukraine for stronger friendship and good-neighborliness, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said
Lukashenko: Belarus aims for broad-format cooperation with Ukraine across the board
26 October, 16:53
Alexander Lukashenko said: “Belarus is intent on a meaningful and constructive dialogue with its Ukrainian friends in any area. Our country aims for broad-format cooperation with Ukraine in all spheres in the spirit of trust and mutual support.”
Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko outlines areas of Belarus-Ukraine cooperation
26 October, 16:44
“Belarus is ready to share its best practices with Ukraine in upgrading its infrastructure, including the improvement of utility services, the renewal of the passenger and special-purpose transport fleet, and road construction,” said Alexander Lukashenko.
Petro Poroshenko and Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko: Forum of Regions of Belarus and Ukraine has great prospects
26 October, 13:22
“People are happy; they agreed on many things, many of them signed contracts. Therefore, this event has a bright future ahead and you will always be welcome in Belarus,” the president said.
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