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Lukashenko: No intention to hold on to power to pass it on to children
1 March, 17:47
“I promise you that I will not be president for life. I swear to you. Second thing: I promise that I will not hold on to power for the sake of my children and will not pass it on to them. I have no intention to do it,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
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Accomplishments of Belarusian agriculture praised
1 March, 17:16
Alexander Lukashenko said: “Yes, we've invested heavily in agriculture. Maybe not everything works effectively yet. But as far as agriculture is concerned, we've resolved the key problem: we no longer beg for a piece of bread to feed the people.”
Lukashenko opines on France's reaction to Yellow Vest protests
1 March, 17:13
“Who taught us democracy first of all? The European Union did. France was the bulwark of democracy there. Who used tear gas against Yellow Vests not long ago? Did you think the democracy in France was about this? No. Here is your democracy. As soon as it affected not even the fundamentals of the state but the power of Macron whose resignation the protesters demanded, they resorted to tear gas, water cannons in winter, rubber bullets instead of batons,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Alexander Lukashenko
Belarus president in favor of supporting native language
1 March, 16:53
“The Belarusian language is my native language for me. Just like the Russian language. The Russian language is also our language,” Alexander Lukashenko remarked. He made it clear he does not want to match the two languages against each other since Belarusian citizens speak both of them as a native language.
Lukashenko speaks about role of personal relations in politics
1 March, 16:51
“Personal relations always have an impact on interstate relations,” Alexander Lukashenko emphasized.
Lukashenko pledges to consider additional support for pensioners
1 March, 16:06
“Of course, pension benefits are small. We will think about it. This matter is on the agenda,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Impact of Russia's tax maneuver on Belarusian economy seen as exaggerated
1 March, 15:57
“Indeed, we overstate the pressure of the tax maneuvers in Russia on the Belarusian economy,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
China described as reliable and supportive partner for Belarus
1 March, 15:40
The head of state remarked that this support is mutual. He also spoke about the development of the economic and investment cooperation between the two states. He thanked the Chinese side. “All issues which I brought to the leadership of China were solved,” Alexander Lukashenko remarked.
Lukashenko: EAEU gets increasingly politicized
1 March, 15:37
“To be honest, I do not pin great hopes on the Eurasian Economic Union. Too many suspicions and disagreements. Apart from that, the economic union is getting increasingly politicized, which is totally unacceptable,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Alexander Lukashenko
Belarus president concerned about Russia's unwillingness to negotiate long-term gas price
1 March, 15:08
Alexander Lukashenko said: “We've come to terms on natural gas this year. Next year we are going to have another battle similar to the tax maneuver. Russia has made no move so far regardless of our attempts [to start talks]. They don't even want to negotiate. It is wrong.”
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