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Lukashenko: Resolution of Ukraine conflict is crucial for European security
31 October, 18:53
This is a kind of test for our ability to do something, to make decisions and to preserve Europe as our common home. If we fail to settle this serious conflict, we will turn into good negotiators, will meet for talking shops, but will never arrive at any solution, the Belarusian leader said.
Belarus president describes delays in resolving conflict in Ukraine's Donbass as dangerous
31 October, 18:48
“Any delays in resolving the conflict will make it even worse,” stressed the Belarus president. “The conflict will evolve into a war instead. Our generation should be the one to stop the conflict. We cannot allow our children to inherit it.”
Belarus president sees political, economic machinations behind rising regional tensions
31 October, 18:14
Alexander Lukashenko said: “I am convinced that nobody in Europe and beyond its borders wants an open military clash of the East and the West. But let's be realistic. Today one can see a major political and economic machination designed to raise tensions in our region."
Belarus president compares cyberterrorism to nuclear weapons
31 October, 17:59
“We will understand literally in a year or two that cyberterrorism is as dangerous as nuclear weapons,” Alexander Lukashenko is convinced. “Belarus is ready to host a joint UN-OSCE conference on fighting terrorism and a summit on fighting cybercrime,” said the president.
Lukashenko gives his take on democracy, human rights
31 October, 17:51
He recalled that the mature European democracy needed centuries to take shape, while they want Belarus and other post-Soviet states to make a breakthrough within several decades.
Lukashenko suggests specific solutions to Ukraine conflict
31 October, 17:22
“Belarus is a small country but we are ready to contribute to the resolution of certain conflicts. In fact, this is what we are already doing. But we want to see more interest in our efforts on the part of key world players,” the president said.
Munich Security Conference Chairman Wolfgang Ischinger and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko
Belarus president views Eastern Europe as transboundary belt of stability, cooperation
31 October, 17:05
"If powers that be agreed not to push Eastern Europe countries into various military and political blocs, not to demand their loyalty to the detriment of sovereign interests, this region could become a transboundary belt of stability and cooperation,” said Alexander Lukashenko.
Lukashenko: Idea to launch new international negotiating process gains more supporters
31 October, 16:44
The head of state recalled that Belarus proposed the idea of a new Helsinki process at the opening of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly summer session in Minsk in July of last year.
Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko: World peace is all important
31 October, 16:35
The relevance of this matter is proved by an impressive number of participants of the conference and its extensive agenda that features the most burning issues facing our region: starting from disagreements between East and West to the conflict in Ukraine, the Belarusian leader said.
Lukashenko to attend Munich Security Conference Core Group Meeting in Minsk
31 October, 12:27
For two days, heads of state and government, prominent politicians, representatives of international organizations and the academic community, heads of the intelligence agencies and security experts will discuss the East-West relations, possible ways of solving regional conflicts, economic situation in Eastern Europe, energy issues and transnational security.
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