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Alexander Lukashenko visits Vitebsk fur factory
Belarus president pleased with Vitebsk fur factory modernization
2 November, 16:32
About $24 million has been invested in the project to upgrade the Vitebsk fur factory. More than 300 jobs have been set up. Once the factory reaches its full production capacity, the number of workers will increase to 500.
Belarus president happy to wear domestic footwear brand
2 November, 15:10
The head of state heard out a report on developing the Vitebsk fur factory, which is part of the holding company Marko. Alexander Lukashenko noted he wears Marko footwear. The boots he was wearing that day had been made by Marko, too.
Alexander Lukashenko on a tour of the Vitebsk fur factory
Belarus president in favor of spending Chinese loans to support smart business owners
2 November, 14:43
Alexander Lukashenko said: “We have a large number of commercial Chinese loans we have yet to spend. Seven billion. There are also cheap loans. Recently I gave instructions to stop focusing on giant companies only.”
Lukashenko welcomes participants of Minsk International Film Festival Listapad
2 November, 09:22
The president noted that the festival celebrates artistic freedom, fair competition and the sense of purpose.
Alexander Lukashenko and Kassym-Jomart Tokayev
Lukashenko: CSTO summit in Astana will seek solutions to international issues
1 November, 13:41
“In a few days we will meet in Astana for the CSTO summit. Many issues are on the agenda: reforming the organization, strengthening its role and clout in international affairs, especially during this difficult time. In Astana, as always, we will be looking for solutions to complex international issues,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
During the meeting
Lukashenko invites Moldova to embark on new projects, reach $500m in trade
1 November, 11:29
“You have an opportunity to take another look at Belarus and to see where we underperform – it is very important from the government's point of view. You might as well find new avenues of cooperation,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko: Those who wave about nuclear arms fail to care about their own national security
31 October, 19:53
Alexander Lukashenko stressed: “As they launch mass media campaigns and start waving about nuclear warheads, they don't even think about their own security, about the security of their own nations. You surely don't expect them to start caring about us?"
Ana Brnabic
Serbian prime minister invites Belarus president to visit Belgrade
31 October, 19:30
The Serbian head of government said: “You would do us a great honor if you visited our country.” She stressed that the Serbian president treats Alexander Lukashenko with great respect.
Belarus ready to expand cooperation with Serbia in economy, culture, sport
31 October, 19:28
Alexander Lukashenko warmly welcomed Ana Brnabic. He said he was pleased to see a representative of the brotherly and friendly country of Serbia in Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko stressed that Belarus closely follows what is going in Serbia.
Lukashenko invites European elite, business to expand contacts with Belarus
31 October, 19:19
We want the European Union to become one of the pillars of Belarus' foreign trade, comparable with Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union. Robust credit and investment cooperation, assistance with the ongoing upgrade of our manufacturing and agricultural industries – this is what we need to strengthen our sovereignty and independence, the head of state said.
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