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Zhitkovichi District bridge construction workers to be awarded
6 November, 15:37
While in Zhitkovichi District the head of state took part in the bridge's opening ceremony. Alexander Lukashenko also talked to the construction workers, who had built the new bridge, and to Zhitkovichi District residents.
Belarus president opens reconstructed bridge in Gomel Oblast
6 November, 15:33
Alexander Lukashenko noted that the commissioning of new significant facilities in the run-up to 7 November – October Revolution Day – has already become a good tradition in Belarus. The year 2018 is not an exception.
Belarus president visits Gomel Oblast
6 November, 14:15
In particular, the head of state will visit Zhitkovichi District where he will be informed about the fulfillment of his instructions to build a bridge over the Pripyat River. Besides, the president will be informed about the state of other bridges in the country and the prospects of their development.
Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko meets with U.S. analysts to discuss geopolitics, security, cooperation
6 November, 12:50
The head of state remarked that this meeting is important not only for the Belarusian-U.S. relations but also for the entire European region.
Lukashenko sees no need in foreign military bases in Belarus
6 November, 11:18
Alexander Lukashenko noted that the country's armed forces, which have already been reformed four times, are able to ensure security of the country and fulfill their functions better than any other state, including Russia.
Belarus in favor of strong and united Europe
6 November, 10:58
“We are convinced that the security of the entire continent depends on the unity of countries in the region and the preservation of the military and political role of the United States in European affairs,” Alexander Lukashenko emphasized.
Lukashenko: Belarus is against any kinds of conflicts
6 November, 10:33
“You, foreign policy experts, do not need explanations in what risks any military confrontation between the West and the East can bring about. Our country is absolutely not interested in conflicts, either hot or frozen, be it a neighboring country or our own territory,” the Belarusian leader stressed.
Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko on 7 November holiday: This is our history
5 November, 12:08
This is our history. We cannot erase it or rewrite it. Whoever tried to throw a stone in the past by rewriting the history got this stone in the present. We left this day as the holiday on our national calendar, the head of state said.
Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko: Decades of negotiations are better than one day of war
5 November, 09:43
"We are peaceful people, we do not want war. We are not rich, but we do not ask anyone for anything. We will earn our happiness ourselves. If we work, we will do everything ourselves. I have already said that tens and hundreds of years of negotiations are better than one day of war,” said the head of state.
Lukashenko emphasizes people's role in maintaining order, developing communities
5 November, 09:11
Speaking to local residents, he said that gradual steps are taken in Belarus to improve living conditions in the country, starting from the capital and ending with agro-towns. However, small villages, like Bolbasovo, have been sidelined a little.
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