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Belarus facilitates international leasing development
15 January, 10:22
In accordance with the decree, just like with the procedure envisaged in Decree No. 178 of 27 March 2008 for foreign trade operations, the term during which a lessor has to ensure the receipt of leasing payments as part of an agreement, the return of a leasing item in case an international leasing agreement is terminated or cancelled has been increased from 90 days to 180 days.
The Belarusian nuclear power plant
Insurance against nuclear damage regulated in Belarus
14 January, 19:16
The decree limits the liability for damage of the state enterprise Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant to 150 special drawing rights per nuclear incident. Public liability insurance has been chosen as a form of collateral for the responsibility of the company in charge of operating the Belarusian nuclear power plant.
Lukashenko on conflict in Ukraine: Time to end it
14 January, 14:08
“This feud (I cannot call it otherwise) must be stopped. Sister nations… We give a gift to our enemies and opponents with our own hands,” the head of state said.
Alexander Lukashenko and Peter Szijjarto
Lukashenko: Belarus seeks to expand economic contacts with Hungary
14 January, 10:57
Belarus is ready to promote comprehensive trade and economic cooperation with Hungary, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said as he met with Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto on 14 January.
Alexander Lukashenko
Belarus president promises worthy response to attempts to test country's independence
11 January, 18:04
Alexander Lukashenko remarked: “Those are not simple years because, sincerely speaking, we will be sorely tested in these two years. If we talk about specifics, whether we deserve the independence we talk about all the time or not will be tested.”
Alexander Lukashenko awards Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei
Lukashenko awards distinguished Belarusians at Old New Year reception
11 January, 17:50
The Old New Year reception brings together journalists, artists, athletes, civil servants and other people who have made significant achievements in their work.
An archive photo
Belarus tightens rules for applying for state support
11 January, 09:28
Government support can be provided in exceptional cases upon the approval of the president and only in the form of a budgetary loan for implementing investment projects that successfully passed a comprehensive state examination.
The government conference in progress
Belarus government told to explore tax maneuver compensation options in cooperation with Russia
10 January, 14:40
“We cannot afford losing as much as last year. This is why all the losses must be compensated via various avenues of cooperation with the Russian Federation,” Alexander Lukashenko told the government.
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Lukashenko suggests starting oil delivery to Belarus via Baltic countries
10 January, 14:34
Alexander Lukashenko reminded about the plans to complete the modernization of two Belarusian oil processing enterprises this year. After that Belarus will be able to buy oil for further processing not only in Russia.
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