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Belarus president wants proposals to enhance anti-bribery enforcement
20 December, 16:05
“It is essential to toughen responsibility for corruption crimes. Work out proposals. We will strengthen responsibility for corruption offences,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Fairness described as pillar of Belarus' national policy
20 December, 15:12
“I have recently given an example. There was an opinion poll in Russia, and the majority of people requested fairness, not bread and butter. Many years ago I told you that fairness should be the pillar of our national policy,” Alexander Lukashenko stressed.
Minsk authorities urged to step up efforts against bureaucracy, corruption
20 December, 14:38
“You should join efforts with the Belarus President Administration to decide who you will work with, especially at organizations subordinate to the Minsk City Hall,” Alexander Lukashenko said. “You should step up efforts against bureaucracy and corruption because one thing causes the other.”
Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko: Minsk should look like a European city
20 December, 14:38
“Till now we paid little attention to the development of a holistic architectural design of our capital city. As a result, we got many showy and ill-sorted architectural solutions. You should rectify the situation,” Alexander Lukashenko said addressing the new mayor.
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Lukashenko: Minsk transport infrastructure is several years behind the times
20 December, 13:55
The head of state noted that Minsk turned into a car city where the number of vehicle owners is running too high. Concentration of vehicles in the city center, traffic jams, environmental impact - this is the reality Minsk is facing now.
Lukashenko: Minsk should be a standard of barrier-free environment
20 December, 13:48
“Minsk should become a standard of barrier-free environment at all facilities. At present only 36% of buildings, even those of municipal ownership, are accessible for disabled people,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Alexander Lukashenko
Minsk urged to automate its street safety system as much as possible
20 December, 13:19
We should actively develop public security monitoring system and automatize it as much as possible not to keep extra employees. Minsk should continue ensuring safety and security at the highest level,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Belarus president wants affordable and smart city planning solutions in Minsk
20 December, 13:12
“Further development of Minsk should be, first of all, spurred by the renovation of existing territories rather than by new construction projects. Huge territories are occupied by industrial facilities, and these areas can be used in a more efficient way,” the head of state said.
Alexander Lukashenko
Call for more robust development of Minsk satellite towns
20 December, 12:33
The head of state recalled the decision which was made several years ago to move the pivotal points of the Minsk agglomeration to the satellite towns of Dzerzhinsk, Zaslavl, Logoisk, Smolevichi, Fanipol and Rudensk.
Business viewed as instrumental in promoting employment in Minsk
20 December, 12:31
Business can play a significant role in promoting employment in Minsk, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said at the meeting with Minsk authorities.
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