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21 April 2022, 09:15

Time is running against Ukraine. Why is Kiev protracting negotiations?

MINSK, 21 April (BelTA) - There is no desire to negotiate on the part of the Ukrainian authorities, political scientist Malek Dudakov told the On point online project on BelTA's YouTube channel on 21 April, BelTA has learned.

“We do not see any desire to negotiate on the part of the Ukrainian authorities. One should understand that Ukraine's subjectivity is rather debatable. What Zelensky does is, to a large extent, the things he is told to. He receives orders from Western capitals - Washington, London and so on,” said Malek Dudakov. “As for any expectations, I admit that there is an illusion in Western countries and Kiev that if they keep pumping weapons into Ukraine, keep imposing sanctions against Russia, somehow it will eventually hit Russia in the medium term, and will force us to end the special operation prematurely without bringing the situation to a victorious end.”

According to the political scientist, this is wrong in fact. “Of course, from the very first days we have seen an attempt by the Ukrainian authorities to drag this out in the hope that time was working for them. In fact, this is complete nonsense, and time is working against Ukraine. The more this goes on, the worse it is for the remaining Ukrainian army at the front. The fewer combat-ready units and equipment they have. And, of course, they already have a problem with food and water supplies. These are the most basic things. In Mariupol, we can see that thousands of Ukrainian soldiers are surrendering because they have basically run out of everything. What is to talk about here? Their fighting is over,” he added.

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