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16 March 2022, 12:09

Sergeyenko: Revolution of mind took place in Ukraine

LEPEL DISTRICT, 16 March (BelTA) – There has been a dramatic transformation of the mindset of the Ukrainians, Head of the Belarus President Administration Igor Sergeyenko said as he met with the military of the 19th Separate Guards Nikolaev-Budapest Red Banner, Order of Suvorov II Degree Mechanized Brigade in Zaslonovo, Lepel District, BelTA has learned.

“My visit was not prompted by any emergency. I often travel to various places of the country. Today I want to address concerns of ordinary Belarusians and give answers to their questions,” Igor Sergeyenko said.

According to him, every year brings challenges and threats that have to be dealt with.

“We are closely following the special military operation in Ukraine, since many of us have relatives in Ukraine and in Russia. It was difficult to imagine a few years ago that this could happen. Unfortunately, a revolution of the mind took place in Ukraine: the country was invaded by radicals, Nazi ideas were propagated, the Russian culture and historical memory were systematically erased. The so-called democratic West did not notice the monstrous crimes committed there,” Igor Sergeyenko said.

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