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18 November 2021, 09:15

Senator: It is certainly not Belarus' fault that refugees are trying to settle in Europe

MINSK, 18 November (BelTA) - It is certainly not Belarus' fault that refugees are now trying to settle in Europe, Tamara Shatlikova, a member of the Council of the Republic, the upper house of the Belarusian Parliament, told BelTA.

"Recently, the international community has had its attention focused on the migrant crisis on the border of Belarus and Poland. In my opinion, its resolution will not come through emotional decisions, the introduction of a state of emergency or martial law. What we need is the cooperation of all stakeholders. After all, the EU has been dealing with the migrant problem for many years. They keep mum on the root causes. This situation begs a logical question: why citizens of the Middle East leave their homes and try to settle in Europe?” the senator said. “Is it because that at one time the mighty of the world decided, contrary to international law, to interfere in the internal affairs of these countries, to impose their values on the peoples of another culture, religion and mentality, to destroy their homes and the world order developed over decades? Did any of them calculate the consequences of their actions?"

"It is certainly not Belarus's fault that refugees from these countries are now trying to settle in Europe,” Tamara Shatlikova said. “Therefore, I am firmly convinced that the way out of this situation is not the aggressive-populist rhetoric that we hear from the West, but a constructive dialogue of all stakeholders," she concluded.

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