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20 November 2020, 11:10

Senator: All complex issues must be resolved through interstate dialogue

Relations with neighboring states have been one of the most important priorities of the foreign policy of the Republic of Belarus. The quality of these relations impacts regional cooperation and generally does not depend on the political situation, Andrei Rusakovich, deputy chairman of the Standing Committee on International Affairs and National Security of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly, told BelTA.

There are a great many areas where interstate cooperation is objectively needed: security, economy, contacts between people, transit, joint fight against modern challenges (e.g., the second wave of the pandemic, illegal migration) and many more," the senator said.

Modern international relations are not limited to interstate contacts, he stressed. International organizations, transnational corporations and civil society are playing an increasingly active role. “The realities of the modern world such global cyberspace and globalization in general also demonstrate the changing role of states in international communication. Nevertheless, it is the states that create the general conditions for cooperation devising political and diplomatic mechanisms, developing the legal framework, accumulating experience, creating an atmosphere of trust. Maintaining interstate dialogue in this regard is becoming one of the main conditions for cooperation. It is through it that all complex issues must be resolved. This dialogue must be continuous,” Andrei Rusakovich noted.

In his opinion, the region, in which Belarus is located, is not easy, The situation is dynamic. Modern realities give rise to new difficulties and challenges in domestic and foreign policy for all states. “In this situation politicians of a number of western countries tend to act along the established route, using, for example, such tools as sanctions, travel bans (including on the basis of some publications in Telegram channels). All this contradicts the logic of cooperation, efficiency, trust in interstate relations and, of course, causes the necessary response on the part of the Republic of Belarus,” the senator noted.

According to him, in view of its geopolitical situation Belarus must maintain stable, friendly relations with neighboring states. It should not pose a danger to them but act as a link between Russia and the European Union.

In this regard, Andrei Rusakovich drew attention to the greetings recently sent by Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko to Poland and Latvia. They call for maintaining friendly relations. “In contemporary circumstances, regardless of the political and economic situation and despite serious challenges and threats that all the countries face, it is the closest neighbors who must preserve the value of human relations, economic and humanitarian contacts,” said the president in his Independence Day greetings to Latvia.

“We hope this message could be recognized and supported by our neighbors and will become a real political factor in the region,” Andrei Rusakovich said.

Alina Grishkevich,


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