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17 January 2022, 13:29

Poland accused of plotting provocations near Belarus' border

MINSK, 17 January (BelTA) - The task of the Polish military near the Belarusian border is to stage provocations, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus - Head of the Main Operational Conmand Pavel Muraveyko, BelTA has learned.

Military threats and threats emanating from the migrant crisis have nothing to do with the processes that are taking place now. Poland is deploying as much military as possible at our border wishing to demonstrate its importance for Europe, its financial investment in Europe's security, Pavel Muraveyko said.

The number of military personnel and hardware deployed at the border with Belarus is disproportionate to the number of migrants, he noted. "Are they there to fight migrants? Not at all. This is contrary to logic and common sense. Thus, they demonstrate their readiness to perform some tasks. What tasks can the Polish military perform near our border? Only provocations. I don't see any other alternative scenarios and I can't assess it any other way," the deputy chief of the General Staff told reporters.

Earlier it was reported that Warsaw asked NATO to deploy a multi-tier logistics and engineers support system in the region. According to Pavel Muraveyko, this is a preparation for larger deployments. "This is nothing more than advance preparation for some large-scale actions, some provocations, including against our servicemen, near our borders," he stressed.

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