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23 June 2022, 15:41

Podolyaka: Ukraine will disappear from political world map

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

MINSK, 23 January (BelTA) - The state of Ukraine will disappear from the political map of the world, Ukrainian political commentator Yuri Podolyaka said in an interview with the V Teme [On Point] online project on BelTA's YouTube channel, BelTA has learned.

"I see the developments in the regions of Kherson, Kharkov and Zaporozhye. There is talk of a referendum. Moscow, in words and deeds, promotes the idea of them becoming part of the Russian Federation. I think that as a result of this war, this confrontation, the state of Ukraine will disappear from the political map of the world. The so-called patriots will have to say ‘thank you', first of all, to themselves for this. Back in 2015, I did warn them: ‘if you do not stop this BS, you will destroy Ukraine as a state'. This is what we are witnessing now," Yuri Podolyaka said.

The political observer noted that Kiev is gradually losing its importance and weight. "In the future Kiev will become a regular city like Kharkov. It will experience a great outflow of people because many of them moved there only because it was the capital of the country. After the war, it will decay and no one will want to restore it. If I were the Russian leadership, I would be setting up a political center in Ukraine somewhere around Kharkov. A city more loyal to Russia. I think that the good times are over for Kiev."

"For Moscow, the solution to the problem of Ukraine is as follows: ideally, the state of Ukraine should disappear with minimal territorial losses to Poland. Poland, of course, will try to take as much of Ukraine as possible. But NATO has a somewhat lukewarm reaction to this: the HQ said that if Poland enters the territory of Ukraine, it will fight the Russian army one-on-one. So I think Poland will pace itself,” Yuri Podolyaka noted. The Ukrainian expert expressed the opinion that Ukraine will be divided along the line of Zbruch. "This is the old Polish border before 1939. Moreover, the Polish state can formally claim this territory, declaring the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact as illicit. From a political point of view, this problem will be easier to solve. Poland is likely to follow Russia's Crimean scenario. It will announce a referendum and, with the information pressure campaign underway, will force a choice: either Moscow or Poland. Naturally, the people of Western Ukraine will vote for Poland," Yuri Podolyaka believes.“There might be another war. I do not rule out that Poland will face its own problems later.

“So far I think the things will develop this way: Poland will wait until the last, will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine holding a knife behind the back until the state begins to crumble, like Afghanistan. As soon as this happens, Poland will enter instantly and try to keep them by announcing a referendum.”

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