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23 June 2022, 14:30

Podolyaka: There are two positions on the Ukrainian crisis in Europe

Screenshot form the video
Screenshot form the video

MINSK, 23 January (BelTA) - In Europe there are two opinions and two positions on the Ukrainian crisis, Ukrainian political commentator Yuri Podolyaka said in an interview with the V Teme [On Point] online project on BelTA's YouTube channel, BelTA has learned.

"Recently we have seen the visit of the presidents of Italy, France and Germany to Ukraine. Then was the visit of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson who dashed to Kiev after the visit of "the three musketeers". These events show that there are two opinions and two positions in Europe. One is held by the UK and its partners, Poland in the first place, and the other by Germany, France and Italy, the three leading countries of the European Union. The leaders of these three tried to convince the Ukrainian president to sit down at the negotiating table, that Frau Angela Merkel, who has good relations with Vladimir Putin, could mediate and thus reconcile Russia and Ukraine and end the war in Europe. This is their main goal," Yuri Podolyaka noted.

The political commentator believes that Boris Johnson arrived in Ukraine to persuade Vladimir Zelensky not to agree to peace talks. “That was the focal point of his visit. After Johnson's visit, Zelensky said that there would be no concessions or peace talks, that the war would continue till the end. Perhaps they meant till the victory parade in Moscow. This shows that there are two positions in Europe on the Ukrainian crisis and that they are opposing,” the expert stressed.

“It is Italy, France and Germany that hinder big arms supplies to Ukraine. What is supplied today is a drop in the ocean. For example, the Ukrainian Armed Forces run out of the armaments supplied as agreed at the Ramstein 3 meeting within a day or two. In fact, the European Union provided only three multiple rocket launchers. Macron promised six SPGs during his visit to Kiev. The UK and Germany contributed equally, while the United States invested most of all,” Yuri Podolyaka said.

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