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26 September 2022, 15:24

Opinion: We have enough means and forces to defend Belarus

MINSK, 26 September (BelTA) – Belarus has enough means and forces to defend itself, member of the House of Representatives, Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus Oleg Gaidukevich told journalists, BelTA has learned.

“The national security concept will be up-to-date. Today there are a lot of challenges, and the national security concept should very clearly show to the people who live in our country and the neighboring states how we will defend ourselves. It will spell out clearly what we see as threats. The concept used to be rather vague, because when we were developing it, we still believed that the world would be different from what it is now. And now we will show what threats we see. And our enemies, including potential ones, will see what will happen in case of violation of the integrity of the country and an attack on us or an attempted coup d'état. It's no secret that a scenario of an armed invasion of Belarus and an armed change of power is being developed outside the country. Nobody hides this, they calmly talk about it. These countries do not hold accountable those persons who cannot be called other than terrorists,” Oleg Gaidukevich said.

Belarus should defend itself, the MP stressed. “It is normal. For example, those who talk about extremism and terrorism should understand that they will be eliminated if they attempt to implement this scenario. The second thing is what the public should do. In line with the national security concept, each citizen should know what they are responsible for. Well, let's dispel fake news. Look how many canards are circulating now. Some of them say that mobilization will kick off in the country tomorrow. People should know that so far we have enough means and forces to protect the country and we do not need anything else,” he stressed.

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