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05 April 2022, 09:40

Opinion: There will never be world peace

MINSK, 5 April (BelTA) - There will never be world peace, Andrey Fursov, a Russian historian and director of the Center for Strategic Analysis, expressed his opinion on BelTA's Youtube channel.

He believes that the ideal world described in the works of many science fiction writers is impossible. “I think it will never happen for a number of reasons. One of them is human nature. Our great science fiction writer Ivan Yefremov once wrote his book Andromeda Nebula about a bright world of the future. Ten years later he wrote the book The Bull's Hour which was withdrawn from libraries on Andropov's command. According to the story, people fly to another planet inhabited by people who left Earth 100 or 150 years ago and built an oligarchic system. This planet Tormance was described as a variant of the degeneration of the Soviet system. Andropov understood this very well,” said Andrey Fursov.

In his opinion, there will never be world peace. The world will be very different. “First of all, there are so many different civilizations on Earth. A few years ago I wrote a book called The Watershed. The Future That Has Already Come. I described in this book eight macro-regions of the world. I could be wrong, but the future has already arrived in two of them. This is China, with its social rating system founded on the traditional surveillance system. The second world where the future has already come is Africa. Experts say there have been two tragedies in Africa's history: colonialism and decolonization. After the departure of the colonizers, the states there collapsed. Today we see that Africa is reviving on the basis of modern military and electronic technology. I mean tropical Africa, not Arab Africa,” the historian stressed.

In his words, there are several regions where the struggle for the future is fierce. “These are North and South America, Europe, Russia, the Arab world, South and Southeast Asia. I think that this struggle will continue within 20-25 years. It is impossible to look further, because events are unfolding so quickly that the planning horizon is right in front of us,” said Andrey Fursov.

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