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20 June 2022, 12:02

Opinion: The world is becoming more multipolar and this is good news

Video screenshot. Izvestia
Video screenshot. Izvestia

MINSK, 20 June (BelTA) - The world is becoming more multipolar and this is good news, Aleksandr Dyukov, director of the Russian Historical Memory Foundation, said on the air of the Belarus 1 TV channel on 19 June, BelTA has learned.

"The world is interdependent, including economically. It is impossible to throw Belarus or Russia out of the global economy because the countries have their place in this economy, have been integrated into it. When they imposed sanctions against our countries, most likely they simply did not think far ahead. Perhaps they were thinking about some kind of economic blitzkrieg, hoping that the economic situation would deteriorate quickly and lead to some civil unrest," Aleksandr Dyukov said.

But now it is obvious that the economies of Russia and Belarus are holding ground under the sanctions. "Those who imposed the sanctions have been affected badly themselves. We see that by showing the bloc discipline the European countries are destroying their economies, suffering from a boomerang effect. When goods are squeezed from one place, they turn up in another place. And, of course, we see that the world is becoming less unipolar, no matter how much Washington would like it not to be. We will see various unions and associations, G7s or G8 or whatever, both economic and political. The world is becoming more multipolar, more diverse and, in fact, this is good news," Aleksandr Dyukov noted.

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