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20 June 2022, 10:38

Opinion: Real goal of Western sanctions is to make the entire third world suffer

An archive photo
An archive photo

MINSK, 20 June (BelTA) – The real objective of the Western sanctions is to make the entire third world suffer, Stanislav Mezentsev, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Executive Director of the Coordinating Committee for Economic Cooperation with African Countries (Russia) said on the air of the Belarus 1 TV channel, BelTA informs.

“Famine and a humanitarian catastrophe are looming in Africa and the world in general due to the fact that the United States and the collective West have destroyed, broken down the entire system of logistics. It is not because Russia is not able to deliver supplies. We have quotas, but we will honor all our obligations, especially for friendly countries. They are creating a problem by increasing the likelihood of famine by their sanctions. The declared goal of the sanctions is to force Putin to stop, to force Russia to stop defending its national interests. The real, actual, achievable goal of the sanctions is to make the entire third world suffer, primarily Africa,” Stanislav Mezentsev said.

The expert emphasized that Africa may receive less than half of the usual amount of grain in connection with the events taking place in Ukraine. “The second problem is the decrease in the supply of nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. We know that agriculture is the predominant sector in the economies of most countries in Africa. The well-being of these countries largely depends on the agricultural industry, and it is clear that mineral fertilizers are crucial for the agricultural industry, their short supply can also lead to a crisis. In general, speaking about grain and fertilizers, 25 out of 54 African countries, including highly developed ones, depend on our grain by 1/3,” he added.

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