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18 May 2022, 09:18

Opinion: Poland's destructive policy has already affected all its households

Vadim Borovik. An archive photo
Vadim Borovik. An archive photo

MINSK, 18 May (BelTA) – Poland's policy is destructive, and all Polish households already feel its impact, political scientist Vadim Borovik told a BelTA correspondent.

The political expert noted that today Poland is under the full control of the USA. “Their foreign policy is largely shaped by Washington, from the deployment of military bases in Poland to making government decisions that are detrimental to Poland. Poland incurs losses because of the transit, because of the rising energy prices and the subsequent increase in production costs. In other words, any final product manufactured in Poland will cost more and be less competitive on world markets. A number of food products will be in short supply. They are not getting potash fertilizers, which will lead to lower yields and subsequently to food shortages,” Vadim Borovik said.

“Poland's politics is destructive, and all Polish households have already felt its repercussions. Utility bills are growing, especially for detached houses, heating will be expensive in winter. They lived through this winter with normal prices, however next winter will be a challenge. Fuel is becoming more expensive in Poland, and there is a shortage of certain commodity groups. Housing is already unaffordable for our so-called political migrants. Today they have to leave the capital for smaller towns, because they cannot afford to pay for good quality housing in large cities with the income they receive in Poland. This is what they post in their blogs, on the YouTube channel, they complain about life in Poland, because today they can only afford third-class housing,” Vadim Borovik said.

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