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18 November 2019, 18:06

Opinion: High time to stop teaching Belarus how to live by someone else's rules

MINSK, 18 November (BelTA) – It is high time they stopped schooling Belarus how to live by someone else's rules, BelTA learned from Chairman of the public association Belaya Rus Gennady Davydko. He was elected member of the seventh-convocation House of Representatives of the National Assembly on 17 November.

The MP said: “Like no other country Belarus has made a great breakthrough recently in getting rid of double standards, which were used against us. For instance, America and Japan are allowed to use capital punishment. It goes without saying. Then there is American legislation, which allows casting your vote remotely, via a computer, in a haphazard fashion. Nobody dares criticize that. And then there is Belarus, which is seen as some kind of a testing ground, with everyone lecturing us on how to live. It is time to push back, time to show their place to the observers and other people, who believe they can blatantly interfere and break our laws.”

In his words, some observers chose to misbehave while working at polling stations. “They didn't do it because they wanted fair elections. They did it to show off, to demonstrate some kind interest of theirs and boldness, to seek fame in some way. If they cared for the observance of the law, of the Constitution, and the essence of the elections, they would have behaved differently,” Gennady Davydko said. “Let me reiterate: we are treated as lazy students, who don't want to learn things. Lecturing us is considered normal while nobody dares to criticize Europe. It seems that everything being done over there is beyond reproach, that all those values are never wrong. But it was Europe that had invented it. Please, show respect for us, our traditions, and our laws.”

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