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11 January 2022, 15:07

Opinion: Events in Kazakhstan highlighted importance of having reliable allies

Vladimir Andreichenko
Vladimir Andreichenko

MINSK, 11 January (BelTA) – It is very important to have reliable allies, and the events in Kazakhstan have shown that, Chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Andreichenko told BelTA.

The ‘peaceful' New Year's protests in Kazakhstan, which instantly turned into pogroms and violence, clearly showed that today no state is immune from external interference. The technology of controlled chaos successfully tested in different parts of the world, including Belarus, has once again proved effective. Hundreds of people killed, thousands of wounded… This is far from being the complete list of the results of ‘the realization of the democratic rights of citizens to protest'. This is how the West assesses the bloody mayhem in Kazakhstan," Vladimir Andreichenko said.

The speaker said that in Kazakhstan there was an attempt at a coup d'etat to seize power, create another hotbed of tension and disrupt the integration processes in the post-Soviet space. The Kazakhstan people were viewed as a mere bargaining chip in the geopolitical game. Their interests were not taken into account at all.

“The CSTO peacekeeping mechanism was used in Kazakhstan for the first time. In the face of external danger, the president addressed the allies for help which they provided immediately. This came as a surprise to both the rioters and their Western patrons. In today's transforming world, it is important not only to have internal stability, dialogue between the government and the people, but also to have reliable allies ready to lend a helping a hand in time of need. The events in Kazakhstan have reaffirmed this,” Vladimir Andreichenko said.

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